Siblings: February 2015

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Siblings February 2015

This months photos just had to be taken in the snow. It has been the backdrop to our days since the first blizzard at the end of January!

The snow has allowed me to watch the three playing together more; whether that’s been building snowmen, digging snow caves, battling un-shovelled pavements or enjoying snow ice-cream.

Whatever the activity, the boys have taken care of their little sister and helped her navigate the really deep snow.

In turn, she has watched them so closely, insisting on copying everything that they do! Even when really, she’s just too little. Watching her attempt to wade after her brothers has made me smile, a lot.

There has been plenty of laughter from the three as they have enjoyed the ridiculous amount of snow we’ve had (even as their mother has despaired of it ever ending)!

I have captured some of my favourite ever photos of the kids, from sheer delight at playing in the snow to icy eyelashes after some epic sledging.

I took this months photos after we’d been for a walk. We’d been trapped in the house by a snowstorm for two days (again) and we all really needed to get outside. The kids were so happy to be out and it was wonderful to see their moods lift. I asked them to stand nicely to get a couple of decent shots, which almost worked… Then just left them too it, while I kept snapping.

When I looked at the photos that evening I actually laughed out loud at the expressions on their faces :)

February 1

February 2

February 3

February 4

February 5

February 6

February 7

With three years between each of them, they often want to play very different games, but when they find something that they all love it is wonderful to watch.

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40 thoughts on “Siblings: February 2015”

  1. They are having so much fun together in the snow. I have many memories doing this with my siblings. Can’t believe how much snow you still have WOW! #sibilngs

    1. They have been loving the snow, a great leveller, they can all enjoy it together :) We have a stupid amount of snow!

  2. Gorgeous photos Sara – your three look like they are having a wonderful time together and I love that photo where the wee girl is sticking her tongue out :-)

  3. Fabulous photos of your kids making the most of the snow. Hold onto the memory of them playing nicely together – they look so happy x

    1. Thank you Caroline, it can be tricky at times with the age gap, but something like playing in the snow is perfect x

  4. I love the bond between your children, I think your eldest is key in this, he always seams very protective and inclusive of the younger two. Those outfits are perfect for some snow play too.

  5. What amazing memories you’ll have but I bet the constant snow does get tedious even though I’m still jealous of the idea of making snow caves!! I think watching siblings interact and their relationshops grow is one of our biggest blessings as parents – when they’re not fighting!! xx

  6. Wow those are incredible photos – would you look at all that snow! They do look so happy to be outside again and so sweet together, I just wish you could send some snow over to us!!

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