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On Writing

Well, the last few weeks have put paid to any serious thoughts of keeping up with the 100k in 100 days writing challenge. What with flu, solo-parenting, snow storms, snow days and a broken hand (the husbands); it’s been impossible to find the time or the energy for any serious writing.

But, that’s okay. I’ve just stalled and I’ll start again. Just not yet.

I need to recharge a little; write only when I feel like it, and only as much as I want. Without pressure.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying writing some fun blog posts about the snow (makes me hate it slightly less) and reading Nikki’s various writing challenges! I’m taking notes :)

In fact, while I was waiting for inspiration to strike for last week’s prompt post, I tried my hand at the ten to one challenge (a story with a first sentence of ten words, second sentence nine words etc. giving a total of 55 words…).

I started from the bottom, perhaps an unconventional approach, but the last three words/two sentences were the first thing that popped into my head (triggered by the prompt ‘Solitary’!). I haven’t edited this, at all; but I thought it would be fun to share my ten minute exercise…

He arrives early, as usual, taking a seat and waiting.
She enters the bar knowing this is the moment.
He looks up as she approaches the table.
She falters, can she really do this?
He asks, hope mixed with dread.
She slowly closes her eyes.
He takes her hand.
She smiles sadly.
He leaves.

It was just what I needed to loosen me up and break the block that was holding me back.

Writing something for fun, for me, felt almost like a luxury. It’s something I desperately want to do more of, but it is at the bottom of such a long list of must-dos at the moment.

But, if even ten minutes of fun, no pressure, no focus writing can cheer me up the way this did, then I really do need to do more of it :)

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19 thoughts on “On writing: stalled”

  1. Great little story, conjuring up all sorts of questions. I was writing one of these in my head earlier but can’t even remember it now… Frazzled. Com! I have a hunch that you know just how I feel.

    Hope the Hubby’s hand is on the mend and the snow is starting to melt now xxx

  2. That’s a great ten to one piece! I found it was a great little challenge to help me start writing again and – similarly to you – writing has been helping me get through the last couple of weeks – it is a bit of a luxurious escape isn’t it? Sorry you’ve been having a tough time. I think it’s impossible for us British-dwellers to get our heads round the amount of snow you’ve been having recently! It must be a shock to the system and I can really see how it gets exhausting! Hope everything gets easier soon and, in the meantime, squeeze in as much writing as you can! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWritingxx

    1. Thank you Maddy, it’s been an interesting few weeks, but it sounds like we’ve all been having a tough time. Maybe it’s just that time of year xx

  3. I think you’re looking at it in a really good way. Sometimes when I stall for similar reasons I totally lose focus of the bigger picture and beat myself up about it.

    One day and one step at a time and you’ll gain momentum again before you know it, but when you’re ready!

  4. Oh yes, sometimes I think this is all it takes to loosen up those creative juices and get them flowing again. Funnily enough I found the drawing has helped keep things ticking over so I’m feeling more energised to get back to writing, but after half term I expect :-)

  5. It is really lovely to just write for fun from time to time – not that, you know, ploughing through a third draft of the novel isn’t fun, but… I think this little piece you’ve come up with here is fab! I love the way the lines alternate between him and her, and there is so much more going on that is left unsaid. I hope things begin to settle down for you so you can do more creative writing soon :) xx

  6. I love your piece of writing, it conjures up so many images and questions. It sounds like you got the bug, that love of writing only grows and I think you need to allow it. You really sound happy after writing that piece and that tells me you NEED to write creatively. Give yourself some time, you’ll thank yourself later. xx

  7. This is great and it ends with so much unsaid – sad really. I’m glad you enjoyed doing it. I think the way it forces you to think both creatively and mathematically is unique and not something you wouldn’t normally do. It’s a good way to get the creative juices flowing again.

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