Childhood: footsteps in the snow

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Childhood Footsteps in the Snow

As I have trudged through this epic month of snow I have found myself thinking about perspective. A lot. As an adult navigating day to day life, with the added bonus of eight feet of snow, it can be hard to find the positive.

Regular readers will know that we have had some great fun in the snow over the last few weeks, snowmen and snow caves and exciting treks for breakfast. But, it has also been really tough; with blizzards, school run (not)fun and disastrous attempts to play in the snow.

Each time I have hit the really can’t be doing with this anymore point however the children have shown me that I just need to shift my perspective.

I found myself musing on reality last night as I had my usual last minute, blank sheet of paper, panic for my linky The Prompt. And, one thing that becomes clearer to me every day is that while I have no choice but to deal with any given reality (like snowfall of historic proportions), the way I deal with it can fundamentally alter my view of the situation.

I’m not very good at this though. And, it takes a lot of work for this glass half-empty head of mine to look for, and find, the positive.

But, my children teach me a lot. In particular when it has come to getting outside in the snow. 

From the simple fun of climbing over snow banks to get to a cafĂ© to the joy of being the first person to walk on freshly fallen snow. Everything is an adventure. It’s not an inconvenience, or a hassle. It’s a game.

Footsteps 1

Footsteps 2

Footsteps 3

Footsteps 4

As we left for one of the wee girl’s classes last week, it started to snow. I was frustrated that we had to drive, for what is only a ten minute walk, as the pavements weren’t clear enough. I was annoyed that it was snowing again.

The wee girl was too busy trying to catch snow flakes on her tongue to care.

As we parked and walked towards class, she was thrilled to see that she was leaving footprints, and that no one else had.

Look mummy, it’s my feet!

Instead of stomping to class in an increasingly bad mood, I found myself laughing at my daughter trying to simultaneously walk forwards while watching her footprints appear behind her. A bit like a dog chasing it’s tail.

Life is full of opportunities to discover. To take a moment, a deep breath and a good look around us. And, childhood is all about these moments.

Watching snow fall and the crunch of footsteps in the snow; red noses and cold toes; snow angels and hot chocolate.

In all honesty, my children do not like the snow all the time; they get frustrated and cold and grumpy, just like me. But, they do like being outside. Even if it’s just for the walk from the car to an activity. Something will grab their attention, whether it’s snow to throw, a puddle to jump in or a stick to swish.

And watching them I can, just for a minute, see the world as they do.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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33 thoughts on “Childhood: footsteps in the snow”

  1. Wow! That is certainly a lot of snow, it’s like anything, it’s fun if you’ve not got to go anywhere but carrying on with the day to day is always stressful! It’s like when it’s hot for a few weeks, we moan that we need it cool, but if you are on holiday with nothing to do it’s fine! It’ll be spring soon…won’t it? Crosses fingers ;) #countrykids

  2. Being an adult sucks at times lol but you’re right, all we have to do is watch our children to remember what it felt like to be one and the freedom that comes with it. Have to say…I LOVE her little coat. It’s gorgeous! X

  3. My children teach me so much like this. And I find no matter the day I’m having, if I just take a few minutes to stop and immerse myself in their world, I feel refreshed and much happier again. Glad your wee girl could do that for you with her footprints x

  4. Megan - Truly Madly Kids

    Sara, this is a wonderful post. You are so right! Putting yourself in their shoes, and seeing the world from their eyes in a refreshing perspective – thank you for sharing and making me thing too. It is so easy to be grumpy, and mindfulness can change everything.

  5. Oh my goodness is it still snowing??? Still looks lovely and fun to have around though! Of course, this is coming from someone who hasn’t experienced that kind of snow in ages! Last time was when I visited family in New York many, many moons ago… Anyway, I’m like you, I struggle a bit to look at things through a different perspective, but you are so right, our kids are the best teachers! ;) #CountryKids.

  6. What a beautiful post and love the photos of your wee girl trying to walk whilst looking behind to see her footprints in the snow. I can imagine that the amount of snow you have had is getting very wearing at times and it can be hard to look for the positives. Children are so wonderful for helping you view the world in a different light though aren’t they and getting glimpses into the way they see the world can be magical. I’m so glad that your children are helping you find the positives and hope that you start seeing some signs of a thaw soon.

  7. Love this post and the message within – you get so much more out of life by looking at things through other people’s eyes. Your photos are gorgeous – and that is A LOT of snow!!

  8. Real lessons to learn from this post, there is a glass half full for everyone half empty depending on your perspective and kids often have the propensity to see the half full side more than adults. I love the idea of your wee girl watching her freshly made footsteps and trying to walk all at the same time. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  9. What an amazing amount of snow. It is great the way kids can turn hassles into a game. Even now I still like being the first to tread in new snow, there is something fascinating about seeing your prints.

  10. Oh Sara, I don’t think anyone would blame you for feeling glass half full right now as you have had so much snow (and for so long) that doing everyday things must be challenging. Children can be to resilient and have a wonderfully simplistic and positive outlook that we can learn a lot from them
    I do hope you get your Spring soon xx

  11. I can’t believe how long that snow’s hanging around. I’d be going insane, although if you can get out in the car, then you’re not marooned. Definitely having children does make a difference in trying to see other perspectives, even if it isn’t successful.

  12. I know I wouldn’t have managed to cope with all that snow. I bet you must be so looking forward to seeing greenery again rather than the constant white of snow. Hope the thaw comes soon (but in a manageable way!) #countrykids

  13. I love your attitude and perspective, and even more so that your children have made you realize it all. It’s quite endearing that though they are years younger and less experienced, kids often teach us more about perspective and life in general than we can possibly imagine. Hope all is well and that the snow and you and your family are keeping as warm and as comfortable as mother nature allows.

    1. Thank you, my children have taught me a lot about how to look at things differently. I will not be sad to see the snow go…!

  14. Kids can always teach us a lesson or two too can’t they? I can’t believe you still have snow bless you hunny. But I love your positive thinking and outlook on it all. I love the way you write too Sara so refreshing and has your own signature to it. I love that. .Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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