Tuff Spot A-Z: M is for Mud Kitchen

Mud Kitchen in the Tuff Spot with four different muds; fluffy stuff, dirt dough, shaving foam and playdough; all chocolate scented

It has been far too long since we used our tuff spot, so when the lovely Emma from Adventures of Adam asked me to get involved in a Tuff Spot A-Z, it was just the prod I needed to get the tuff spot out again. The fact that I (well, my husband) had to dig it out of a snow drift was by the by!

So, here we are with M is for Mud Kitchen!

As it was my daughters third birthday, I themed the mud kitchen activity around cupcakes, with candles and sprinkles. The wee girl loved it, and made many (many) cupcakes, and used a lot of sparkly stars and sequins!

For this activity I made four different ‘muds’.

I made some fluffy stuff with shaving foam, cocoa powder and corn starch (corn flour). I made this one up as I went along (!), until I had a fairly ‘dry dirt’ consistency (much drier than I would normally make it). I used about 6oz of corn starch, a good sprinkling of dark cocoa powder for colour and scent, and enough shaving foam to leave me with a fairly soft, dry texture. [This took about 5 minutes to make.]

Next up was some dirt dough, using an idea I had seen here, although I used cocoa powder again instead of food colouring, to keep with my chocolate scented theme. I used 16oz of baking soda, a liberal sprinkle of cocoa powder and then added water slowly until it was just damp through and had a mouldable quality to it. It has a great texture! [This took about 2/3 minutes to make!]

Then came some wet stuff… For this I mixed shaving foam and drinking chocolate syrup. It was lovely and light and ‘spoonable’ without being runny. I just made a bowl full, with enough syrup to give me the colour I wanted. [This took about 2 minutes to make.]

Last up I made some chocolate playdough. I used a recipe from My Little Three and Me, although I did also add a tablespoon of cream of tartar to the recipe. [This took a little longer as I needed to measure, mix and knead, but still took less than 10 minutes all in.]

The Mud: Fluffy Stuff, Dirt Dough, Shaving Foam, Playdough

I also laid out a variety of spoons, cupcake cases and ‘sprinkles’.

As you can probably imagine, the cup cake cases were soon filled with all sorts of combinations of ‘dirt’ although spooning the shaving foam mix was definitely a favourite! The playdough became a birthday cake with candles :)

As soon as she sat down she grabbed the playdough and rolling pin!

Mud Kitchen 1

Next, a hand went into the shaving foam… She wasn’t massively impressed with this, so after a quick wipe she grabbed a spoon!

Mud Kitchen 2

Mud Kitchen 3

Next she decided to fill the cupcake cases. First with the shaving foam, then with the fluffy stuff and dirt dough.

Mud Kitchen 4

Mud Kitchen 5

Before discovering the sparkly things!

Mud Kitchen 6

Mud Kitchen 7

Mud Kitchen 8

Next up she remembered the playdough cake and made herself a birthday cake!

Mud Kitchen 9

Mud Kitchen 10

There was lots of spooning and pouring and decorating…

Mud Kitchen 11

Mud Kitchen 12

Mud Kitchen 13

Mud Kitchen 14

Mud Kitchen 15

It was messy and a lot of fun!

Mud Kitchen 16

Mud Kitchen 17

When the boys got home from school, the 5yo was straight in there! Messy play in the tuff spot was always our thing, when he was at preschool and had a Friday off, and the wee girl didn’t like getting her hands dirty!

Mud Kitchen 18

Mud Kitchen 19

It was really wonderful to watch the wee girl and the 5yo play together.

Mud Kitchen 20

Mud Kitchen 21

It really has been too long since we used the tuff spot. This activity was fairly involved, but actually took less than 30 minutes to set up, using things I already had in the store cupboard. And, the kids played with it on and off for most of the day!

Well worth it :)

You can find all the other wonderful activities that are part of this fab blog hop on the Adventures of Adam Tuff Spot A-Z Blog Hop page!

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25 thoughts on “Tuff Spot A-Z: M is for Mud Kitchen”

  1. Charlotte @ Educating Elsa

    I’ve never heard of a tuff spot before but it looks great.

    I’m not the biggest fan of messy play and Elsa doesn’t really like to get her hands dirty but she does like making things. I will have to give the mud kitchen idea a go when it’s a bit warmer and we can play outside.

    1. The wee girl wasn’t a fan for a long time either, but she definitely has more fun with it now. The tuff spot is great for containing the mess :)

  2. That’s really cool – wish I thought to do something like this – I have been really lazy with coming up with creative play for the kids – there always seems to be something else needs doing when you work part time as well. X

    1. I haven’t done anything like this for ages, but Emma asking me to get involved was a good incentive. Just need to keep up the momentum now :)

  3. What a wonderful idea! It really looks like she loved it creating all her cakes! I never thought to make up a ‘mud’ kitchen.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  4. These tough spots are fab I had never heard of it until today this is 2nd post I read about them in. what a brilliant idea making cakes. some really nice photos of the kids playing. :)

  5. This looks like so much fun and it’s great that it kept them occupied for so long. Our tuff spot is often used but Fran prefers dry play with rice, play doh and Lego (which I’m secretly glad about).

    1. Yeah, the dry play is definitely easier to clean up! This reminded me how much fun they have with it, need to use it more often x

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  7. Lucas says – Oh Mrs Mom!! You totally rock!!! We love this idea – bet you that the Mother won’t let me do this in her new kitchen though………..
    Thanks for linking to #miicreations

  8. Would there be something I could substitute the shaving foam with to get the same effects but make it safe for my 13 month old who eats everything? My nearly 4 year old would love this.

    1. For an edible option, I would probably use a chocolate pudding mix for the runny stuff (assuming you don’t mind a bit of sugar or sweetener) making it to the consistency you want, and not bother with the fluffy stuff :)

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