Country Kids: Lego men go sledging

Country Kids Lego Men go Sledging

I thought we’d done everything we could with the snow. I also thought that it might be gone by now :) But, with a combination of childish enthusiasm and inventiveness, Lego man sledging was born.

Last weekend the 5yo was building vehicles with Lego. He asked if he could take them outside to play in the snow. Well, of course he could. The sun was shining, it wasn’t too cold. Getting outside was definitely a good thing!

My husband went out with him and in his usual fantastic game creation way, he created a Lego sized sledging run using a bottle of warm water!

Of course, the 5yo had to help…

Preparing the Slope 1

Preparing the Slope 2

And make repairs on the go…

Repairs on the go

Before sledging could begin in earnest…

5yo Lego Sledging 1

5yo Lego Sledging 2

The wee girl is never one to be left out…

Wee Girl Lego Sledging 1

Wee Girl Lego Sledging 2

Wee Girl Lego Sledging 3

Wee Girl Lego Sledging 4

Wee Girl Lego Sledging 5

For such a simple activity, it kept them entertained for ages, and after I went inside (they might not feel the cold, but I do!), they had some fun taking action shots of the Lego…

A Sledge

An unfortunate Lego man

Sledges are go

As they say, if you can’t beat it… We certainly can’t be accused of not making the most of the snow. And, despite getting another couple of inches of the blooming stuff to mark the first day of Spring, it is finally disappearing. I (sincerely, really, completely) hope that this is the last Country Kids post of the year to feature snow as the main feature!

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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27 thoughts on “Country Kids: Lego men go sledging”

  1. For a moment in the title shot I thought you had built a huge lego sled for the kids!!! Although you must be more than fed up with the snow looks like your kids are finding ways to still enjoy it to the max.

  2. What a brilliant idea, I’ve played with Lego for my whole life (yeah just a big kid now) and I’d never thought of letting them sledge in the snow! Excellent :)

  3. Oh hon you must be totally and utterly fed up with it. Two years ago here it was still snowing now (not very heavily though) and it drove me bonkers. Fingers crossed that’s it now lovely xx

    1. Would you believe it’s snowed all day today?! I think we’re just going to jump straight to summer at this rate :)

  4. I cant believe you did actually get more snow. You have certainly made the most it… my girls laughed at the action shot of the lego person being buried in the snow by the car. #countrykids

  5. What an inventive and new way to get out and enjoy the snow, which you’re probably all completely bored of now! I love the different designs they’ve each got for their Lego men, did they have races to see who’s was fastest? The kids look like they’re having a blast. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

    1. Strangely, it didn’t get competitive actually :) The 5yo was, as always, the last to come inside, the others gave up far sooner!

  6. I just love these photos. Lego is the best toy isn’t it. My little one is starting to really get into it and this is just the best inspiration. Keep it up and well done for making the best of it it really looks so much fun.

    1. The 5yo is just amazing, he comes up with all these great ideas, and his Dad helps him make them happen :)

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