Childhood: a first visit to the dentist

Childhood: a first visit to the dentist

Last week the wee girl had her first proper dentist appointment; which I will admit to having been a little concerned about!

She has visited the dentist with her brothers; sat in the chair, watched the hygienist clean the boys teeth, seen how it all works. We had chatted about what happens at the dentist and reassured her that there was nothing to worry about. We had talked about it while there with her brothers, and reinforced the positives after each of their visits.

But, she had quite consistently told me that she didn’t want to see the dentist herself.

Our dentist doesn’t do full appointments for children until they turn three. Their view seems to be that while younger children might sit in the chair and let you count their teeth, that’s about it (and I’m guessing this isn’t a good use of dental insurance dollars!). We take good care of the wee girl’s teeth, and she’s perfectly happy to brush them etc., so I had no concerns and didn’t push the issue.

I did however make sure I got an appointment booked in as soon as she turned three. Partly because our paediatrician has a slightly different view, and I didn’t want to get told off again at her three year physical (which is next week!).

Remembering the boys first appointments, when they were two, and wouldn’t let the dentist do very much at all, I wasn’t holding out great hopes for this appointment. Especially when it started with the hygienist and her sharp instruments!

But, I could not have been more surprised, or proud.

The wee girl sat in the chair and followed every single instruction, including all the tongue moves and aaaahing! She let the hygienist count and clean her teeth (scrape, brush and floss!). All without a single complaint. Even after the hygienist poked one of her gums, all we got was an ouch, and then she settled back to the let the cleaning continue.

She let the dentist do all his checks too, even though by this point she’d been in the chair for a good twenty minutes and must have been getting restless.

She was a superstar.

She is growing up. No longer a toddler, but a little girl who can listen well and take a new experience in her stride.

And I am a very proud mummy.

How did you prepare your children for their first visit to the dentist?

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18 thoughts on “Childhood: a first visit to the dentist”

  1. That’s amazing! Well done to her! All the dentist did for our kids at that age is count their teeth. To be honest, they went to the dentist today and I think she saw all three of them in the space of 10 minutes! But of course that’s on the NHS!

    1. I have to admit, I was amazed Sarah! And, I was surprised at how much they wanted to do with a three year, impressed too!

  2. Well done to your wee girl – sounds like she did really well, especially with a full clean from the hygienist too. Both Jessica and Sophie have been going to the dentist since they were six months old (dental hygiene is extra important for Jessica as a mouth infection puts her at risk of getting an infection in her heart) and Jessica has always been very good at opening her mouth and letting the dentist check her teeth whereas Sophie is a lot more resistant to it!

  3. Aw bless her, sounds like she did so well! Our dentist is the same with littlies so Monkey has been with us but not had his mouth looked at yet. I am not looking forward to his appointment as can imagine it wont go this smoothly, I may be wrong though so we shall see! Well done wee girl! :) xx

  4. Well done wee girl! The dentist is a good first to get out the way isn’t it. Mine have been fine thank goodness. I was at work once when a colleague took a call from her distraught hubby and even more distraught daughter… She managed to calm her down, but didn’t convince her to sit in the chair! #loudnproud

    1. I was very relieved, have to say! You just never really know how they will react to things like this… I remember that the 5yo wouldn’t open his mouth the first time he went :)

  5. Oh well done her – and what a relief for you, too, no doubt! She was amazing to sit still for over 20 mins whilst the dentist poked around in her mouth; that’s quite a long time! I remember the first time LIttle Mister went to the dentist, he refused to open his mouth for 20 minutes!

    1. I thought 3 was late too, the boys started going at 2 in the UK… But, she did really well, so perhaps there was something in waiting until they were old enough to sit for a whole appointment.

  6. Wow, well done her. That’s some appointment compared to what they do here. N’s been going with me since he had his first tooth, but he’s not that thrilled by sitting in the chair, so he’ll only sit with me.. But he’s never had anything other than them check his teeth, no cleaning or anything.

    (you could come by and link up to my Month of Firsts linky if you want! Perfect post)

    1. I was amazed that they did a full on appointment, and for her first visit, wasn’t expecting it at all! She did so well :) I’ll pop over and link up now x

  7. That’s so sweet and what a relief! I do find the dental trips a bit of a nightmare, one time my daughter refused to open her mouth and we had to leave! It’s good to start this young to get them used to it. I don’t blame you for being proud. #loudnproud

    1. I was a little worried before we went, my younger son wasn’t a fan on his first couple of visits…!

  8. This is amazing, how easy was that visit! I can’t believe she sat there for twenty minutes without any complaints. There was even a ‘moment’ that could have caused an issue and it didn’t. She really is a little superstar x x

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