The Prompt: Yellow

The Prompt 61: Yellow

Laughter, sparkling and bright, drifted across the field of tiny flowers. Saffron in colour with a lemony smell, they created a blanket around her.

The whispering buzz of bees was a constant in the background, calming her. Flashes of colour from butterflies darting through the flowers a welcome distraction.

She could hear her brother and sister; although they only flitted in and out of sight. A flash of her sister’s white blonde hair would catch her eye, quickly followed by her darker haired brother. Dirty blonde, their mother called it, dismissively.

Always dismissive.

To her it was the colour of sand, damp and shining at the waters edge. His fringe falling in waves across eyes as blue as the sea.

They continued to run in circles, chasing each other; carefree, innocent. A moment of childhood happiness.

Too rare these days.

The storms had been worse this year, the damage extensive. Food was in short supply, money shorter. Everyone desperate; Lessers left to fight for every meal while the Chosen were kept safe in the Citadel.

The laughter floated towards her again, light and musical; joyful.

They had escaped their chores this morning and escaped the city as well, delighting in the fresh air of the meadows beyond the wall. Their mother had business to take care of, or so she had told them. Ever guarded; trust was as rare a commodity as any.

She would be waiting for them now though. They needed to get back, their mothers ire was not something she wished on her younger siblings, or herself.

Just a minute more.

She lay back, breathing in the scent of the flowers, basking in the warmth of the hazy sunshine that cast a golden glow across her skin.

Everywhere I look, it’s all yellow.

Such a happy colour; spring flowers, sunlight, hope. New and young, precious.


Now, these golden hues held a different meaning for her; filled her dreams and coloured her days, as she waited.

Golden like the alter, the staff. The robes of the Called.

Golden like the glow of the Chosen; as they flared and became more. Their gifts discovered, coveted; taken. Their lives changed, their families destroyed, their future stolen.

It’s only a matter of time.

[This story happens some time before the events in Cinderella and A Letter. I’m still not quite sure where this story is going, hopefully the prompts will continue to inspire little scenes like this one!]


You can find this weeks #ThePrompt linky here. I do hope this week’s prompt inspired you; I look forward to reading your posts.

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9 thoughts on “The Prompt: Yellow”

  1. This story is a treat for the senses, Sara, so I shall forgive you for being a terrible tease! I’m intrigued about where this story is going. It seems quite dystopian, which is my favourite genre. Looking forward to seeing what the next prompt brings xxx

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