Childhood: now you are six

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Now you are six

My beautiful boy, another birthday has arrived. What can I tell you, now you are six?

You are clever and bright, your endless curiosity is a delight.

You amaze us and amuse us, in equal measure, with your never ending questions.

You are so focussed and determined, always finishing what you start.

You are friendly and caring, a joy to be around.

You are a wonderful big, and little, brother.

You are funny and quick, and never miss a trick.

You are one cool dude; a shirt and bow tie being a favourite look :)

You smile, all the time, and make us smile too.

You give the best cuddles, and our early morning snuggles make my whole day brighter.

We celebrated your birthday a day early, just like we did for your sister. Your daddy was very sad to miss your special day too.

You unwrapped your presents with such focus!


Unwrapping 1

Unwrapping 2

Unwrapping 3

Unwrapping 4

When you discovered that you had been given the much wanted Chaos Trap (well done daddy for finding one!) your face was priceless.

Best Present Ever 1

Best Present Ever 2

Best Present Ever 3

Best Present Ever 4

You were so kind to allow your little sister to help you, she was desperate to open a present too…

Sister Helping 1

Sister Helping 2

Then you opened your big present…

The Big Present 1

The Big Present 2

I don’t think you could quite believe you had a Kindle, just like your big brother :)

And, of course, Granny made sure you had a new shirt to add to your collection…

New Shirt

When I asked what kind of cake you would like, you told me chocolate with vanilla frosting, so that is exactly what you got… (Bearing in mind what a busy weekend we had, I have to thank you for such a simple request!).

Cake 1

Cake 2

Cake 3

Cake 4

It seems incredible that you are six! Where has the time gone? You continue to make us very proud. You have done so well in your first year of school, settling in without any problems and working so hard. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

We love you so very much, our precious, happy boy; you make every day more special.

Happy birthday, gorgeous boy.

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56 thoughts on “Childhood: now you are six”

  1. Izzie Anderton

    Belated birthday wishes to your gorgeous 6-year-old son. Bless him for allowing his sister to open a present too x

  2. He loved his gifts, his expressions say it all! I hope he had a lovely birthday. I love how you wrapped the presents :)

  3. What wonderful sentiments for your boy! It must be such a wonderful time in your home with all these celebrations! That cake looks fabulous and so yummy! Lucky boy he is :)

  4. Em @ snowingindoors

    I’m very impressed he let his little sister help open a present, what a star! Glad he had such a good birthday

  5. Awwww!!! What a beautiful post dedicated to a fabulous 6 year old! He looks so happy and seems so thoughtful although, it looks like such a gorgeous cake, I’d be tempted to pick it too. You have a gorgeous family xx

  6. Oh love this post!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy. Such beautiful words and fabulous pictures to document the big day. Also love the wrapping and cool candles, well done you! xxxx

  7. Happy 6th birthday, looks like everyone had such a lovely time! Lovely photos. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Have a great weekend. #sharewithme

  8. The Mother says – What lovely photos for such a special occasion. Happy Birthday! I am loving the onesie too!! #sharewithme #mycapturedmoment

  9. Oh what a happy and grateful little boy you’ve been blessed with! How lovely that he let his sister help open his birthday gifts. Glad he loved all of the gifts and that you all had a lovely day x #sharethejoy

  10. Your birthdays are close together aren’t they Sara, seems like yesterday you were posting about the wee girl turning three. Gorgeous post, and lovely photos as always. He sounds like an adorable little man, glad he had a fab time xx #sharethejoy

    1. Really close! They’d be closer if I hadn’t had an elective and had the wee girl a week early! Makes for a busy few weeks, but it’s fun…

  11. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

    Look at that face! What a lovely day he clearly had and that cake looks utterly delicious – yum yum. Gorgeous photos honey, thanks so much for linking up this happy post over at #sharethejoy this week x

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