Childhood: supermarket ride-ons

Childhood Supermarket Ride-ons

It goes without saying that a child cannot walk past a ride-on at the supermarket (or in our case, the Mall) without asking for a go; doesn’t it?

At our local Mall, there are several rides to choose from. I don’t often have the right change for them, so I generally march past them, hoping to avoid the pleading. Never works!

One day though, I did have change. And, the wee girl asked so nicely.

We weren’t in any rush, and I had said no so many times before.

So, I pulled out every coin I had and we counted them up and worked out how many she could go on. I had enough for three rides.

But that meant that decisions had to be made!

Would it be the fire engine, the digger, the racing car or the plane?

Or three turns on a favourite?

Of course, she had to try all them out before any decisions could be made. This took some time.

Then, she made her first choice. Fire engine… That was lots of fun, but what next? Cue a bit more trying them out.

The race car proved to be the favourite in the end, and two turns were taken.

Almost as much satisfaction was taken from putting the money in the slot herself, as from the ride itself. But, I had one very happy girl, until we had to leave!






I’ve walked past them so many times, and I will walk past them many times again. But now, I will stop every so often. I will try to have the right change with me. I will resist saying that we don’t have time.

I will say yes, and I will watch her face light up.

These are the moments that I’ll remember. The moments where I stop rushing, and say yes.

The moments where she turns to me, gives me one of her huge smiles and says oh, thank you mummy!

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16 thoughts on “Childhood: supermarket ride-ons”

    1. I don’t know actually, most seem to be 50c-$1 (so, 30-60p), but I say yes so rarely! For the odd go, the look on her face is definitely worth it :)

  1. I’m just like you, mostly I say no but every so often I give in and the joy on their faces is worth every penny. Also, I’m lucky in that my son doesn’t actually like them when they move so he’s happy to just sit in them :-)

  2. I always tried to avoid them always being in a rush to get the shopping home and move on but they do love them. we have a 20p tractor ride on machine here which the children enjoy. popping by from What’s the Story

  3. Charlotte @ Educating Elsa

    There is a Ben and Holly one in our local Toys R Us and Elsa LOVES it so much. She’s only been on it once but she always runs over to it so excited. I do feel guilty when I tell her it’s broken but they are so expensive!

  4. I normally say no to supermarket ride ons but when we were on holiday recently we had a bit of an amusement arcade at our holiday camp and I ended up paying a few quid for the kids to ride motorbikes (the kind with the screen in front where you’re playing a game at the same time) and air hockey. The hubster said it was bad parenting but I thought why not? It’s only a couple of pounds and it made them happy!! X

  5. aww i bet you totally got Mummy brownie points! .. i need to follow your lead and make more time for these lovely moments.
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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