Rewind: the two

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Rewind: the two

Before they became part of a three, my boys were a wonderful two.

I have some great photos of the two; playing, chatting, laughing; but this is one of my favourites. They look like two little old men, lounging in their deck chairs, without a care in the world.

The boys were five and two when this photo was taken, and were already very close. Younger brother following older wherever he went.

You wouldn’t think it now to listen to him, but our younger son was slow to speak in sentences as he allowed his brother to take the lead. He clearly felt no need to talk for himself; he was perfectly happy with this method of communication!

[When he did begin to speak fluently, at about two and a half, it was with the style and vocabulary of a five year old…]

It’s so easy to forget these moments, especially when two becomes three and time for the brothers alone becomes more limited and snatched.

I still catch them though, when they make their brief escapes, snuggled together under duvets and blankets playing minecraft or building worlds for dragons.

My boys, the two.

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16 thoughts on “Rewind: the two”

  1. As a mum to boys I sometimes regret not having them closer together so they could share the playtimes land moments ike your photo shows. That brother bond is so magic isn’t it. #capturedMoment

    1. It is wonderful, and although they are very different in personality, they get on very well (most of the time!) x

  2. Ah yes, I see what you mean about the two old men chatting. This would make such a beautiful sibling card. Such a lovely picture. The bond is so special. #MyCapturedMoment :-) xxx

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