Our Garden: spring at last

Our Garden Spring at Last

It felt like a long time coming, but when it came, spring flourished spectacularly.

As we moved into our new house last summer, we haven’t experienced a spring in this garden before. I feel I have discovered a new flower every time I have taken a wander. After months of snow, the garden was all of a sudden green, as if spring appeared over night, trying to catch up on itself.

I breathed a sigh of relief; seeing colour and blue skies, feeling warmth from the sun on my skin; and thought spring at last!

Spring at Last 1

Spring at Last 2

Spring at Last 3

Spring at Last 4

Spring at Last 5

Spring at Last 6

Spring at Last 7

Spring at Last 8

Spring at Last 9

Spring at Last 10

I sit with my gardening book in hand, trying to name the plants I don’t recognise. The top photo may be of a white cascade lily-of-the-valley bush, or it may not. The ground cover with spikey flowers that look like some kind of sea anemone is pachysandra, I believe. The yellow bush could be a forsythia!

We have grape hyacinths, and a single solitary pink hyacinth. We have bluebells. Daffodils have popped up in random locations. One day, I turned a corner and found a patch of Irises (Summer Olympics bearded (!) ones, according to my book).

The trees went from bare, to budded, to full leaf in the space of a few days.

Spring at Last 11

Spring at Last 12

It is wonderful to step outside each day, wondering what I will discover next.

I haven’t joined in with How does your garden grow? for a few months because, well frankly, there are only so many photos of a snow covered garden you can look at before all you see is white!

Then we had several weeks of brown…

I am thrilled that the garden is now blooming and that I have so many wonderful plants and flowers to share again. I will be back :)

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25 thoughts on “Our Garden: spring at last”

  1. It’s looking great Sara and fab to see plants you recognise from home too – I think that’s a forsythia too. And how exciting to see what pops up next :) #hdygg

  2. I had to double check your current whereabouts as there are so many familiar looking plants and flowers there (to the UK). It’s such a wonderful time of year watching the changes on daily basis:-)

    1. It’s been quite surprising. As we hadn’t seen the garden in spring before we had no idea what to expect :)

  3. Yay for Spring! So nice to see green leaves on the trees isn’t it? They are all ‘bushing out’ here too and its good to see some colour coming out. I bet you really really appreciate it after all the snow. It’s great as the kids have started playing outside a bit more, I dont know about you but it almost seems like having another room in the house when Summers coming and everyone spreads out to the garden! I love those irises – lovely colour.
    Thanks for joining in again, lovely to have you back!

    1. Absolutely, our garden is definitely another room (and will be even more so once we get around to putting in the new deck!). It’s lovely to be back!

  4. I have been amazed at the difference in the garden over the past few months, still can’t get over the crazy snow and ice which has now transformed to gorgeous pops of colour.
    And the trees, how wonderful are they!

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