Make: paper plate butterfly

Make: paper plate butterfly

We have a regular play date with a friend of my daughters, and in an effort to keep the pair of them entertained I generally set up a craft for them to do. A couple of weeks ago they each made a paper plate butterfly.

These are really easy to make, and the girls had a lot of fun painting and sticking, and going a little nuts with the glitter glue!

You will need:
A paper plate
Paint and brushes
Glue/glitter glue
Lollipop/craft stick

1. Cut the paper plate in half and then cut out a rough ‘wing’ shape from each half.

Butterfly Step 1

2. Paint the wings (which for the wee girl means pink and purple, of course!) and then leave to dry (for as long as the patience of a three year will let you…)

Butterfly Painting 1

Butterfly Painting 2

3. Decorate the wings with whatever you have to hand! We used some foam stickers, star sequins and a lot of glitter glue :)

Butterfly Sticking 1

Butterfly Sticking 2

4. Leave the wings to dry (if you’ve used as much glitter glue as we did…) and then stick/tape the wings to each other before gluing a lollipop or craft stick on top to make the body. I happened to have some purple foam craft sticks that matched the very pink over all theme… You could then add googly eyes and a face, which we never got round to!


This activity took me minutes to set up, and kept the girls occupied for ages. The focus and precision involved with the placing of the sequins and glitter glue was amazing to watch; such concentration! A great craft for colours, patterns and fine motor skills.

And, a rather pretty butterfly to show for it :)

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21 thoughts on “Make: paper plate butterfly”

  1. Love these paper plate butterflies – the wee girl has done such a great job with hers and love all the sparkles – she has been very precise with placing them hasn’t she? We’ve made butterflies like these before and they’re so much fun to make :-)

  2. Oh how cute! This is just the kind of activity that LP would love, although I’d have to change it from a butterfly. Maybe I’d call it a bird or something? He would definitely enjoy the painting and sticking. :)

  3. Lovely! These are so cute, I always try to organise little craft projects when we host play dates too. T would love these. #letkidsbekids

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