The Prompt: Laughter

The Prompt 71

As she entered the room a sudden burst of laughter rushed towards her, breaking around her like a wave and threatening to overwhelm her.

She had only been gone a moment, but the feeling in the room seemed to have shifted; the previously amiable chatter taking on a more hostile tone.

The laughter forced and insincere; where once it had felt welcoming and spontaneous.

As she moved through the crowd, her eyes flitting from face to face, she could feel the change. Eyes unfocused, smiles fixed, faces slack.

The animated room had disappeared and been replaced with a mere illustration, a facade. As if the occupants were caricatures of themselves. The laughter a ghastly soundtrack to a bad cartoon.

What had she missed? What had passed in this room; through this room?

She searched the faces, looking for any sign of understanding or knowledge. Of self-awareness.

She could find none.

The further into the room she traveled the more sinister the mood became and she could feel the malevolence in the air begin to choke her.

She reached the far side of the room and turned.

The laughter stopped.


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32 thoughts on “The Prompt: Laughter”

  1. Wow that has stirred up some very repressed emotions. The feeling that you know people are talking about you is just awful. You have captured it perfectly. Well done xx

  2. Whoa. Your words perfectly captured the sense of insecurity when being talked about. Id like to know who this person is to be worthy of that kind of curiosity from others. Very intriguing Sara, and well done!

  3. Wow, you really captured the sentiment here. I was cringing for this poor person. Sounds like you could develop this in to something bigger. The possibilities are wide open.

  4. Ooh this is very atmospheric – love the way you’ve used laughter as a sinister thing and captured that feeling of being talked about and laughed at in a negative way so perfectly.

  5. On the edge of my seat Sara. Great writing. I do think personally that quite often the best way is to just go with it when writing, and seeing what comes out of it… #FridayFiction

    1. I wasn’t thinking that as I wrote it, as it was more about the feeling than the character, but it would fit well with the other pieces I’ve written about the Chosen girl…

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