Summer: Bucket List Update

Summer: Bucket List Update

At the beginning of our vacation we wrote a summer bucket list. We are now into our sixth week of the holidays and we’ve been ticking lots of things off!

We have never written a bucket list before. Why?! It’s been the best thing for getting us out and about. There is always a ready-made plan available if we want it, we just need to take a look at our post-it covered cupboard and pick something.

Bucket List Update 1

We’ve had playdates and ridden scooters. We’ve had a water fight and been swimming, lots. We’ve eaten crisps, nice food, ice cream and visited our favourite local cafe (La Qchara). We’ve been to iHop and had picnics (but not yet ‘with cake’!).

We’ve been to the Common, Lake Quannapowitt and Breakheart Reservation. Venturing further afield we’ve been to the Aquarium, the Butterfly Place and the Salem Witch Museum.

We’ve read lots of books, been to the park and done lots of running. We’ve baked and done crafts and blown bubbles. We haven’t quite made it for a hike yet, but we have walked in the woods.

Yesterday we went to the deCordova Sculpture Park, which was one of my bucket list choices, and had a wonderful day. Post to follow!

This weekend we head up into New Hampshire to go to Storyland, and will hopefully tick off mini golf then too. Along with more nice food, picnics and swimming, of course :) We still have four weeks of holiday left to tick off a few of our bigger items; like visiting Maine, Connecticut and Cape Cod… We’ll see if we manage to fit them all in!

Amazingly, we haven’t yet made it to the beach! It’s been so hot, we’ve been sticking to shadier options.

We’ve had the odd grumpy day, with hot and tired children, but on the whole we are having a fabulous summer so far…

Bucket List Update 1 Collage

Our bucket list has been a huge success and I’m really looking forward to seeing how many more things we can do before vacation is over :)

How is your summer going?

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11 thoughts on “Summer: Bucket List Update”

  1. Great ideas, I love reading all of these blogs, we have lots of plans for the summer too. Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross, lots of woodland exploring, Camden market, camping in Norfolk….

  2. Love the idea of using Post-It notes for your summer bucket list – what a fab way of making sure that you always have ideas for what to do. Love your photos – sounds like you are having a wonderful summer and hope you manage to get the rest of the items ticked off during the next few weeks :-)

    1. I hope so too, although I know we won’t quite manage everything, it’s certainly going to have been fun trying!

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  4. I’ve seen lots of bucket list posts but I LOVE your post-it note idea. I’ve got our list scribbled in my planner but next year I’m SO doing it with notes like you have so we can pick things off and see it all more visually. Enjoy the rest of your Summer! x

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