The Prompt: Prepare

The Prompt 80: Prepare

The day is coming. One that I needed to prepare for. One that I am not prepared for at all.

I look back, to when your brothers were small and we set them on their path. Nursery, full time. Six months old.

They were happy, we were happy. Life was busy, our careers; careering perhaps, but seldom dull.

It couldn’t last. Too busy, too much: too little time. And so, we changed and I stopped the careering.

Stayed still, with you.

With your brothers too, of course. But they were off, school and activities, busy being busy.

So, mostly, just with you.

I look at you. Three years and five months old.

So ready for the next stage. So ready for that big leap. Preschool.

Confident, articulate. Sociable.

But, I worry. Have I done enough to prepare you? You haven’t been to nursery. You have never been left with strangers.

The boys were six months, it became their norm within days. No tears, no fighting.

You. Three and a half and so excited. But, I will miss you mummy.

You have such a wonderful vocabulary, you know your numbers, shapes and colours.

You can tell them all about orangutans and giant squid and spider monkey’s prehensile tails.


You insist your name begins with P (you know it doesn’t, you just think it’s funny) and you draw your brothers head when we ask you to write your initial.

You make up your own words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

You prefer to shout rockin’ dudes ladies and air guitar than sing Old MacDonald.

I haven’t taught you all your nursery rhymes. You’re more likely to sing about bagels in a box.

I haven’t sat and made you learn all your alphabet. You’re more likely to disappear and make me a present using all the glue, sparkly things and magic tape you can find.

You can hold a conversation with an adult, hold your own with your brothers, and charm the pants off anyone.


Will you manage to sit still, or will you insist on demonstrating your latest interpretive dance moves?

Will you listen, when you should, not just when you want to?

Will you play nicely, take turns and share?

I worry that I haven’t prepared you at all. And, I worry that I haven’t prepared myself.

I will miss you.

You drive me nuts. Never giving me a minute alone. Certainly never a minute of silence.

But, it will be so quiet without you.

I know that you will love it. I am so excited for you, little girl. This next big adventure. So much to do, so much to learn.

You are extrovert, funny and engaging. And, overwhelming, demanding and challenging.


You need it. You need the structure. You need to be challenged. You need to learn to be in a group, not just stand out in one.

And, maybe you will head off without a backward glance, settle in without a care, and I will wonder what on earth I was worried about. Or maybe we’ll have to work to get you there.

Whatever happens, it’s a journey we’ll take together.

I just hope I have done enough. To prepare us both.


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50 thoughts on “The Prompt: Prepare”

  1. Oh this is so poignant and beautiful Sara. She sounds like such a bundle of fun and energy – just how she looks in her photographs too. It also sounds as though you’ve done an amazing job with her. I’m certain they will all LOVE her at nursery. I’m sure she is ready, whether you will be, is a matter that only time can tell. Best of luck! xx

    1. Thank you Suzanne, she really is :) Part of me is really looking forward to the break, but it feels much harder with her than it did with the boys x

  2. As always a beautiful post for The Prompt Sara. Of course you have done enough, you’ve done MORE than enough. Sounds like the wee girl is very ready for pre-school. Wishing her lots of luck with starting. I’m sure you will enjoy the break :) Hugs xxxx

    1. That she is, it’s such a big step for her though. And for me! I know she’ll be fine, she’ll be running the place within days :)

  3. It’s such a questionable time isn’t it. Even though G has been in nursery 3 days a week from 8 months I still worry that we haven’t done enough to prepare him for school. I’m sure your girl at 3.5 will be just fine a more than ready when school starts as she’ll be that bit older. #theprompt

    1. That is very true, she’ll have two years at preschool before going into Kindergarten, by which time she’ll be more than ready. I just worry a little about those first few days next week when she’s suddenly in class for a whole day…!

  4. I think your little one is more than enough ready for the new challenge. Why is it we mums are the ones who are too worried for them?! It’s like we don’t want to let them go, to let them grow. Hope he would enjoy nursery and settle in quick! #SundayStars

  5. I loved this- so sweet. And don’t worry, I’m a kindergarten teacher and I’d say it’s our job to teach kids most of the things your worried about your tot not being able to do yet. She’ll pick it up and find her way in no time, I bet.


  6. This so beautifully describes the second – or third – child! So full of life, energy and doing what they can to keep up with their older siblings, whilst not knowing many nursery rhymes or knowing all the alphabet because there’s too many distractions!
    I’m sure you and her brothers have prepared her well, she’ll hold her own and make friends quickly. I hope you’re prepared for the silence. That’s the bit I’m not prepared for…

    1. Exactly, I don’t have the time (or energy)! But, she learns so much from her brothers. I’m looking forward to the silence, but I’m really worried I’m going to hate it!

  7. oh how emotional! I can’t even begin to imagine how I will feel when my girls go off to school. Good luck to you and her! #twinklytuesday

  8. I’m a bit like this with EJ (who starts pre-school tomorrow). He has been going to our childminder’s one day a week for a while but pre-school is a much more structured environment so I wonder how he’ll find it. Again like the wee girl I’ve never really taught him nursery rhymes or done any of those ‘standard’ things you do with your first child. I feel pretty unprepared for everything right now – I haven’t even got JJ to try on his old school shoes to see if they still fit and he goes back to school on Thursday! I’m pretty sure they will all be fine. My sister was a stay at home mum to both her two and she was very worried for how they would fit in away from her and in a structured institutional environment but they have thrived (my eldest niece has just got an A* and eight As and two Bs in her GCSEs if that’s anything to go by :-) ) Xx Thanks for linking up Sara Xx #thetruthabout

    1. I think that’s it, she’s really just always fitted in with everyone else, and there are so many distractions, so I’ve not done quite the same things with her. And, she’s not very good at ‘structure’ so I think that’s probably what worries me most…

  9. Oh Sara, this brought a lump to my throat. Your little lady sounds like such a colourful little character. I’m sure she will put a smile on the face of her new-found friends and ‘teachers’ (or whatever you call them!). All the very best with this next stage :) #TruthAbout

  10. She sounds amazing. I think I will feel the same when preschool time comes. I’m sure the kid who knows about giant squids and plays air guitar is destined to be the coolest kid there, though! Lovely post. Hope the start of preschool goes well. #wineandboobs

  11. Awww, how sweet.

    We do what we can to prepare them… to prepare ourselves. It’s still an unnerving time when change comes round but to know we’ve done what we can, makes it easier.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  12. This is so lovely. I’m sure you’ve done more preparing than you even realise. I can’t imagine how hard it must be when the time comes for pre-school when all they’ve ever known is being with you – mine’s only eight months and the thought of sending her to nursery already fills me with dread. I’m sure it will go great for both of you – good luck! x

  13. Beautiful! Hope it all goes well and will be thinking of you. It’s a new chapter in your lives and going to pre-school will be “preparing” you both for starting school.
    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

  14. Aww she sounds like she has such a wonderfully adventurous and playful personality. It’s such an end to an era and start of a whole new big one but I hope the next milestone brings with it just as many wonderful and happy moments xx

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