Childhood: back to school

Childhood: back to school

My beautiful boys, summer is at an end. We’re back to school, back to activities, back to routine.

Thank you for making our summer so awesome; it’s been a blast and I hope that you have loved it as much as I have.

Even as part of me is sad that our vacation is over, the rest of me is so excited for you both.

First Grade and Fourth Grade, wow.

You are growing up so fast.

Both of you taking it in your stride.

I am so very proud of you.

Back to School 1

Activities start up again next week, as well as your sister starting preschool, so I am going to enjoy these last few quiet(er) days before the madness of homework and swimming and soccer and play dates and projects descends!

I wish you both a wonderful, exciting, challenging, rewarding and fun year.

I can’t wait to see what it brings us, and to share it with you.

I know that there will be good and bad; for all the amazing days there will be those when you’re tired and fed up. There will be those when I’m tired and fed up.

There will be days full of laughter, and days that end in tears.

There will be days where homework is a breeze, and days where we’d all like to throw it in the trash.

There will be days when everything goes right, and days when anything that could go wrong does.

But, whatever happens, my commitment to you is to be there, every step of the way. To laugh with you, help you, guide you and comfort you.

Together we will make this an awesome year.

Back to School 2

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22 thoughts on “Childhood: back to school”

  1. Sara this is so beautiful, its weird going back to school isn’t it? even though it feels sad that a wonderful summer is over it is also great to be getting into a routine and exciting for what lies ahead x

  2. Ah bless them, they both look so happy to be heading back to school. I know what you mean about the summer, I think this past summer has ben one of the best of my life. I hated seeing Lili go back last week. Thanks so much for linking to #MyCapturedMoment xxx

  3. Beautifully written, its such a strange time, we are in the transition my middle one is on half days as she settles in, but I am kind of looking forward to her being full time next week, because she absolutely LOVES it and she wants to go all day. #twinklytuesday

  4. This is a lovely post :) It’s a long time until my boys will be in school but I remember the mixed emotions as a child when summer was over. Your children look gorgeous, I wish them (and you!) a great school year ahead!

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