The Prompt: Fleeting

The Prompt 81: Fleeting

I sigh,
I wish for tomorrow,
I wish the day to end.

You grabbed my hand
You pulled my arm
You shouted at me
You jumped on me
You distracted me
You annoyed me
You screamed in frustration
You cried in my arms

You pushed me away


You held my hand
You hugged my arm
You whispered in my ear
You bounced on me
You entertained me
You amazed me
You expressed your feelings
You slept in my arms

You asked for comfort

These moments,
so short lived,
so transitory.


I sigh,
I wish for you,
I wish for time to slow.

© Sara Murray, 3 September 2015


You can find this weeks #ThePrompt linky here. I do hope this week’s prompt inspired you; I look forward to reading your posts.

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23 thoughts on “The Prompt: Fleeting”

  1. Such a beautiful poem Sara and I love the transition from the frustration that often comes with parenthood to the realisaation that those moments are beautiful and all-too-brief. Beautiful post. Thank you for hosting #ThePrompt :-)

  2. Perfectly sums up the conflicting feelings of a parent, Sara. I feel the same too–simultaneously wishing time would speed up and slow down. Thank you for this wonderful piece and the inspiring prompt! Hope your week went well and you have a lovely weekend.

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