Outdoors: Jackson Falls, New Hampshire

Outdoors: Jackson Falls, New Hampshire

Last weekend, in search of a nice walk with the kids after lunch, we discovered Jackson Falls, New Hampshire.

We were taking our last trip of the summer to New Hampshire with friends, returning to Storyland before it closes for the season. Despite it being rather chillier than the last time we visited, we had a wonderful day there on Saturday.

On Sunday, after an amazing brunch at the Red Fox in Jackson, we decided to make the most of the beautiful day and take a turn up to Jackson Falls which had been recommended to us as an easy, pretty walk with the kids.

It did not disappoint!

We followed signs to the lower falls, and this was our first glimpse of the water as we followed the footpath.

Jackson Falls 1

It was really pretty under the trees, but there was no obvious way up to the top of the Falls. We either went back out onto the road or climbed up through the rocks.

So, the party split and the older children and four of the adults went for the adventure of the climb, while the two mums of wee girls took them up the easier route via the road. That of course included me!

Jackson Falls 2

Jackson Falls 3

Once we had rounded some houses, the Falls came back into view and it was amazing, although the best views were yet to come. We carried on towards the top, soaking in the fabulous surroundings.

Jackson Falls 4

We reached the top of the Falls, which at this time of year is quite dry and looks more like rapids. But, it must be spectacular when the snow melts!

Jackson Falls 5

Jackson Falls 6

While we waited for the others to complete their climb, the girls set about exploring the rocks and the water, which was rather chilly!

Jackson Falls 7

Jackson Falls 8

Jackson Falls 9

Jackson Falls 10

Jackson Falls 11

And, no, I’m not sure what the wee girl was looking for either :)

It was then time to sit back and take in the view.

Jackson Falls 12

Jackson Falls 13

Jackson Falls 14

Jackson Falls 15

It really was breathtaking, a real moment of perfect calm.

While we sat, the boys climbed… My husband took a few shots for me, but was more focused on ensuring a safe climb!

Jackson Falls 16

And, one of our friends took this wonderful photo of the 9yo with his dad.

Jackson Falls 17

They all enjoyed the climb and made good time, reaching us while the girls were still more than happy clambering about on the rocks and the mums were still soaking in the view across the Falls and over the mountains.

I watched as my husband and the boys continued to investigate their surroundings, taking in the rock formations and marvelling at the power of the water that created the channels.

Jackson Falls 18

Jackson Falls 19

We decided to continue on as far as an old iron bridge, before heading back to our cars and the long drive home.

Jackson Falls 20

The 6yo having a little rest when we got there.

Jackson Falls 21

The view from the bridge was pretty much perfect, and a stunning end to a wonderful weekend.

Jackson Falls 22

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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34 thoughts on “Outdoors: Jackson Falls, New Hampshire”

  1. I was imagining the fresh mountain air as I read this. What a beautiful place to explore. You can see how much the boys and the wee girl were enjoying their adventures – I’m surprised you managed to get them to leave. And beautiful captures too Sara!

  2. Wow! This is us one day …one day. I am dreaming about it now. lol The view is stunning and it does make a wonderful weekend. Beautiful photos too. xx

  3. Love the photos! Esp the shot of your wee boy dangling- very clever! I nannied a summer in Maine and thou it wasn’t here, the stunning scenery reminds me so much of that time. I spent a year in CT and took trips all over New England. What a glorious part of the world you are experiencing Sara. Embrace and enjoy – esp this season just starting!! More pics pls! X

    1. All the parts of New England that we have visited so far have been amazing, from the beaches to the mountains, just beautiful. I am very much looking forward to fall :)

  4. What stunning views! Looks like a fantastic place to visit. I would have been pretty scared watching the boys climb the rocks! That’s a lovely pic of your 9yo with his dad :)

    1. It really was stunning, I could have sat there for hours! I’m quite glad I didn’t climb up with the boys… :)

  5. What a beautiful walk for you all to explore, I bet it was fantastic to explore with the wee girl knowing the boys were enjoying their climb with their dad. Jackson Falls looks like a beautiful place to be able to stop and explore as a family and it’s great that the kids had friends with them to share this experience. There was some spectacular scenery for you to enjoy as you waited for the boys too. Thanks for sharing your family hike with me on Country Kids.

    1. It was lovely to do it with the friends, all the kids had a great time. The scenery was spectacular, and the Falls were lovely, I can only imagine how amazing they are in the spring!

  6. Wow, how stunning is this?! Although we have great scenery in the UK, I’d love to visit the US some day and take my kids to some of these places #CountryKids

    1. She had such a good time exploring :) And, I’m so grateful to our friend for that shot of the 9yo with his dad x

  7. what a wonderful place to visit, i love exploring locations like this, my kids would’ve been clambering up the falls, but I’d have probably been joining in with them

  8. Gosh this place looks amazing! I’ve always loved the sound of Jackson, not sure why? Great snaps as always, lucky devils having these stunning spots on your doorstep xxx

  9. So, so beautiful! What a glorious place to visit and enjoy. Your photographs are wonderful and you have some lovely ones of your family to treasure and look back on too.

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