Summer: back to Storyland

Summer: Storyland, NH

We discovered Storyland, located in Glen, New Hampshire, during our first summer in New England. It is a theme park aimed at kids under 12. And adults who don’t like scary rides. Which would be me.

That first year we spent several days there over the course of the season, which I wrote about in Storyland Part 1, Storyland Part 2 and Storyland 2: The Return!

We visited a few times last year too :)

When I was in London for BritMums, my husband took the kids there with some friends. And, last week we visited again, this time taking my mother with us.

We had another wonderful couple of days in the park. Experiencing it with Granny made for a different experience for all of us, and the kids absolutely loved having her there. And, I have to admit I am hugely impressed that she went on several rides with them :)

We have Season Passes again this year, but we took advantage of the ‘after three, next day free’ offer for my mum’s entry.

The first afternoon we had a slow wander through the park, starting with one of the spinny rides that I refuse to go on… The expressions in this photo made me smile; the ride hadn’t even started yet!

Storyland 1

Next, we wandered down past the Polar Coaster, and my mother stunned me by agreeing to go on it! I stayed behind to get some photographic evidence of this amazing occurrence (and she may be tiny in these photos, but I can see her!).

Storyland 2

Needless to say, she won’t be going on it again, but I am incredibly impressed that she gave it a go and the kids were thrilled.

The wee girl however screamed all the way round…

A quick stop to stroke the giant pole of ice and then the wee girl was cheered up by milking the cow. She loves this, and ran back to it as soon as she could the following day too.

Storyland 3

Storyland 4

We stuck to the quieter side of the park for the rest of the afternoon, doing some of the more sedate rides, knowing that the boys would keep us busy with the bigger, faster rides the next day.

A trip on the swan boat was followed by a couple of goes on the Carousel, which proved to be a favourite with the wee girl. Which suited me as I could take her there the next day, while my husband took the boys on the rides I hate!

Storyland 5

Storyland 6

That afternoon we also had to take a photo at every cut-out character that we passed…

Storyland 7

Bright and early the following day we were back. Starting with Dr Geyser’s Raft Ride (a family favourite), we were immediately soaked. So, when the kids made a beeline for the splash pad, we left them to play. What followed was a perfect summery moment of simple fun with water, and you can see the rest of the photos here.

Storyland 8

Next up was Bamboo Chutes, the log flume ride. This is one of the 9yo’s favourites, and he went on it a lot over the course of the day!

Storyland 9

Storyland 10

And, he managed to persuade both me and Granny to go on it later in the afternoon. We must love him very much…

While the boys are on this ride, the wee girl loves to dance to the singing bamboo! By the time we leave I am able sing along to the whole thing…!

Storyland 11

As most of us were pretty wet at this point, it was time for Splash Battle (where people in boats shoot water at people on the side, and they shoot back). After we got off our boat, soaked to the skin, I witnessed my favourite moment of the trip. My mother (who had stayed ‘on-shore’ with the 9yo) gleefully shooting water at people in the boats.

Storyland 12

Storyland 13

Storyland 14

A quick spin on the Whirling Whales was followed by the Farm Follies Show. I have to admit, I would be very happy to give this a miss (singing scarecrow and vegetables…), but the wee girl loves it. So, we dutifully sat through it while my husband took the 9yo on the Roarasaurus roller coaster. I went on this last year, never (ever, ever) again, I’ve never been so terrified in my life.

Storyland 15

Storyland 16

Then it was time for our picnic lunch, and a play in another splash pad space, one of the wee girl’s favourites, with a submarine and coral and lots of opportunity for getting wet.

Storyland 17

After lunch, we had a quick go on the tractors, which the wee girl really enjoys as she gets to ‘drive’ me around. The 6yo took Granny for a spin.

He then took my husband up in the crazy barn. And yes, that is my husbands arm sticking out of the barn, clinging on for dear life, trying to minimise the stomach churning lurching :)

Storyland 18

Storyland 19

We arrived at the Loopy Lab just in time for the magic show, which I have to say was very good this year. The wee girl was thrilled to get the Magicians autograph!

She also spent ages feeding foam balls to machines and waiting for them to fall on her head :)

Storyland 20

Storyland 21

The day was rounded off with pumpkins and ice cream, what more could you ask for?

Storyland 22

Storyland 23

Well, if you asked the wee girl, it would have been to see Tinkerbell again; the absolute highlight of the trip for her.

Storyland 24

We had a wonderful couple of days, definitely made more special by having Granny with us. Lots of fun and laughter, and some incredible memories made.

Storyland 25

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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28 thoughts on “Summer: back to Storyland”

  1. Looks like there’s so much there, and some of the rides do look a bit hairy for under 12s. Love that it doesn’t look too packed out compared with similar types of places in the UK.

    1. Most of the rides have a height requirement on them, from the really sedate ones that allow babes in arms, to ones where you have to be 36″ tall to go on them. The big roller coaster is even stricter, and it’s 42″. We were lucky this time, and hardly had to queue at all, and the most we’ve had to wait has been 15/20 mins for the more popular rides. It’s great :)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely few days and plenty of waterplay which my boys are BIG fans of too! Not sure about the slightly scary scarecrow though :D #countrykids

  3. I love this. It looks like a brilliant place and I can’t believe how much you packed into a day. I’m very impressed with your mum going on the rides! My mum would never go on rides (although my MIL loves them), although she did go on a runaway train at Disneyland Paris 13 years ago – the first and only time for her!

    1. The park is quite compact, so you really can cram a lot in. Especially as we’ve been so often, we know exactly where we’re going :) I am really impressed with my mum too!

  4. What a wonderful place to have an annual pass, we have one a little like this but I’d say not as big and the kids love it, I must say it is not my favourite place but I love to see the enjoyment they gain from being there. Sara you do look like your Mum, she looks a fun Granny and I bet the children love having her around. I love the look of the colourful fairground style rides and the roller coaster looks not too scary even by my standards as I am a real wimp on rides. Thank you for sharing a great day out on Country Kids.

    1. It is great, the kids absolutely love it, which makes me enjoy it :) It’s so funny that you think I look like my mum, I’m not sure anyone has ever said that before, but in that last photo, you’re right, we do look alike!

  5. By the sound of it your mom had as much fun as the kids! It looks like a really lovely place to visit. It’s nice to have a whole park aimed at younger customers.

    1. I think she did :) She loved seeing the kids enjoy themselves, and they loved showing her around the park x

  6. What a fun day out – we haven’t done anything more adventurous than Peppa Pig World which is very firmly aimed at little ones, and my daughter took a bit of persuading them. i do like an adrenaline rush so hopefully that will turn out to be hereditary as she gets older! Thanks for linking up to #mondayescapes

  7. What a fabulous day out and you all look like you’re having so much fun. I love all the different expressions behind the cut out characters and your mum squirting water at the people in the boats. How lovely that you can visit so often and it is always more fun when you take someone else who hasn’t been and see it all afresh through their eyes. Looks like you’re having a wonderful summer :-)

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