Me and: another eleven things…

Me and: another eleven things

As parent bloggers we put our lives out there for people to read. We each share what we are comfortable sharing, and we each operate within our own comfort zones.

But, however much we choose to share, we often neglect the little things that make us the person we are, that give people an insight into our personalities. We instead write about events, our children, our latest recipe or craft creation. We write about politics or the latest controversial parenting topic.

I love reading about the small stuff. Favourite colour, first pet, whether you like cake. Isn’t it great when you read something and can say me too!

I am however notoriously bad at responding when tagged in memes that give me the opportunity to share…

Several months ago Jo from My Monkeys Don’t Sit Still tagged me in the Eleven Things meme. I had been tagged in this one before, by Sam from And Then The Fun Began, and enjoyed answering her questions. So, it’s about time I answered Jo’s!

1. Where were you born?
Edinburgh, UK.

2. Did you love or hate school and why?
Hmm, I have mixed feelings on this one. I enjoyed school; I did well, made some lifelong friends, survived the cliques. But, I wouldn’t relive my teenage years for anything.

3. What did you want to do when you were grown up?
Until I was about ten, I wanted to be a vet. Then I discovered that I had a tendency to faint at the sight of blood (I still do), so that put paid to that. For a long time I wanted to go to art college (in the end I went to university and studied Architectural Engineering), and I always had a middle of the night dream of being a writer.

4. How many pets do you have?
None! Having children is enough of a responsibility for me right now :)

5. Books or tablets?
I love books. I have hundreds. But, I am a tablet convert. So much easier to carry around.

6. What’s your favourite drink?
Tea or Prosecco, depending on my mood.

7. What do you love about blogging?
The creativity, finally I am a writer! And, the support of the blogging community. I have made so many wonderful friends. I started my blog not long after we had moved overseas, and those friendships saved me.

8. How often do you blog?
A few months ago I would have said: everyday. I still do something, whether responding to comments/emails or reading other blogs most days, but I have cut back on the frequency of publishing and I’m still working out my slower schedule. I was doing too much, and I’m much happier having cut back. I just need to fine tune the balance!

9. Cake or biscuits?
Cake :)

10. Where is your least favourite place?
I found this really hard to answer, I can’t think of anywhere that I particularly dislike… I wouldn’t choose to be up high or on a roller coaster though!

11. Who would you most like to meet?
Another tricky one. I’d love to come up with someone really inspiring, but the only people that are popping into my head are actors and authors..! Patrick Stewart, Helen Mirren, Brandon Sanderson, Kate Atkinson… I’ll think of someone as soon as I hit publish ;)

So, there you go, a few more random facts about me!

If you fancy answering some questions too, I asked eleven of my own in my first Eleven Things post, and I’d love to read your answers.



13 thoughts on “Me and: another eleven things…”

    1. For me it was the blood, after I passed out my first couple of times, when I was ten, I realised that it wasn’t for me!

  1. First of all, congrats on the new self-hosted blog! Loved reading this post, it is always so much fun learning the little things about people :)

  2. Love this as I now feel I know a little more about you! I would never go back to my teenage years either! Ha ha, love your answer about the pets! Kinda like that here but the boys have the guinea pigs! Thanks for taking part Sara x

  3. I’ve started blogging once a week and I think I really enjoy it. I will read all week and comment but I’ve found the slower blogging suits me a lot better now I’m not obsessed with my stats anymore!

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