The Prompt: Paint

The Prompt: Paint

A brush waits.

A journey to take; imagined, outlined, realised.

A beginning, or an ending, to find.

With paint that coats or tints; washes or stains.

Some days dancing, a riot of colour left.

Others drifting, leaving only a hint of passing.

As imagination flows; ideas become design.

And light and shade bring clarity, or cast doubt.

Until composition fixed, and dyed with certainty.

No gloss to cover truth.

No glaze to cover cracks.

A brush waits.

© Sara Murray, 21 January 2016





24 thoughts on “The Prompt: Paint”

  1. Love this journey through the thought processes that come when painting a picture but are also so true for life in general. I love the description of painting being “a journey to take: imagined, outlined, realised.” and the final three lines with the repeat of the first line which really completes it beautifully.

  2. So clever and descriptive of the feeling of creating art through the medium of paint. This poem flows so well; as I wish my brush would on the rare occasions I try to paint!

  3. You always have a beautiful way with words; you paint an image of the approach to a creative concept or idea so beautifully. I would never have thought to create a post based on your prompt as beautifully as you did

  4. Love this line:

    As imagination flows; ideas become design.

    It’s so true, you need to let your imagination flow to create anything…children have vivid imaginations and sometimes we lose this skill as we reach adulthood. I think I need to let ideas flow sometimes & not put restrictions on my thoughts. It’s a skill I need to tap into again. #ThePrompt

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