Outdoors: playing in the snow

Last winter we had snow. A lot of snow! It went on forever and got very deep. So far this year we have had very little, but on Monday we woke to several inches. Perfect!

This is was what happened after the kids were all kitted out in their snow gear (which takes forever!) and released…

Playing in the snow 1

Playing in the snow 2

They were just a little bit excited!

The wee girl was thrilled by the snow. She had come bounding in to wake us up and tell us that everything was white. We struggled to get her to wait inside until after breakfast! Luckily, Monday was a holiday here in the US, so we could make the most of it.

Playing in the snow 3

Playing in the snow 4

Playing in the snow 5

It wasn’t the right kind of snow for snowmen unfortunately, but it was perfect for scooping up fluffy handfuls. And sticking your face in them.

Playing in the snow 6

Playing in the snow 7

Playing in the snow 8

And, the boys did try to build snowmen, but really they more snowpiles

Playing in the snow 9

Playing in the snow 10

While the kids played, their dad was on shoveling duty. I helped, a little. It’s hard work! The 6yo had a go too :)

Playing in the snow 11

And, no snow experience would be complete without snow angels. Last year, the wee girl called them snow owls, and then snow butterflies, which was very cute. This year, they were just snow angels, but no less fun!

Playing in the snow 12

Playing in the snow 13

The final activity of the morning was to make some snow ice cream. We made ice cream from fresh snow last year and the kids have been waiting for it to snow this year so that we could make it again. I have to say, it’s very tasty, so I can live with getting a few inches of snow every so often :)

Snow Ice Cream

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24 thoughts on “Outdoors: playing in the snow”

  1. Love all they snow and snow ice cream sounds yummy. I remember how hard all that shovelling is from our Canada days and know you soon get sick of it. Right now though we have snow envy x

  2. Now this is real snow! I remember your months of snow last year, how envious I was at the start and how I was willing it to go for you by spring. Hard to believe a full year has passed and how different this year has been. The pictures really do capture the children’s excitement at seeing and playing in the snow. I hope they get their snowman building stuff to follow too. Thank you for sharing a wonderful snowy morning on #CountryKids

    1. We have had so much less snow this year! There is still time of course, February is often the worst month, but we don’t have any forecast at the moment… We’ll have to wait and see!

  3. How lovely that the snow arrived on a holiday so that you were all able to enjoy it properly! Your children all look like they are having a wonderful time, even if it wasn’t the right kind of snow for snowmen. I love the snow angels photo – one day I hope we’ll have enough snow for the girls to be able to do snow angels – there just wasn’t enough over here! Making snow ice-cream sounds like fun too! :-)

    1. It was great that our first proper snow fell on a holiday, especially as it didn’t actually last for long, a few mild days and it was all gone!

  4. Yes, I remember your snowy posts last year and they were all lovely, especially the photos! In the news last night, they mentioned a blizzard was due to hit some parts of the States. Stay safe! We managed to experience some snow by driving to Dartmoor. It was T’s first experience with snow and she of course, loved it :) xx #countrykids

    1. Thankfully we missed the worst of the blizzard, we only got a few inches, which after last year is more than enough!

  5. Such fluffy snow. I’ve never thought about it being the wrong type of snow for snowmen, but I suppose it’s like sand and building sandcastles.

    Great photos, and hope you’ve not suffered too much in the blizzards of this weekend

    1. I had never thought about types of snow until we moved here! The light stuff is much easier to shovel, but not so good for snowmen :)

  6. I was telling family about the snow you had last year, earlier today and describing the photo of your back garden with the snow drifts. Hope you get a little less this year, but looks like the kids had loads of fun with what’s arrived so far #CountryKids

  7. Your snow looks so lovely, dry and fluffy, like that you see on ski slopes making it soft and fun to play in! This is a lot of snow and it looks like just as much fun. Your snow angles (or snow butterflies!) look like fun!

    1. The light stuff is great fun to play in because you don’t get so wet. Good for snow angels and burying yourself…!

  8. I’ll have to try your recipe. I learned you could make snow ice cream last year, talked it up with the kids so they were all excited about it, and the stuff we made was so gross that nobody finished it, even my child who will eat ANYTHING. I’m shuddering just thinking about it!

    1. My kids love it, and I have to say, I do too. I make sure that I have a lot of snow versus condensed milk so that it stays really light and ‘icy’ x

    1. The recipe is really simple. Snow, 1 can condensed milk and 1tsp of vanilla essence. I have a post on the blog that has the recipe and directions :)

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