Outdoors: a snowman at last

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Did you know you can have the wrong kind of snow? For building a snowman that is!

Light, powdery snow is no good for snowmen. It doesn’t stick and it won’t roll.

Our first couple of snowfalls this year were of the powdery kind and left us with two disappointed children when their attempts to build snowmen failed.

So, when we finally had some sticky snow, it was time to get outside and build that snowman!

First we needed to roll some big snowballs…

A snowman at last 1

A snowman at last 2

A snowman at last 3

A snowman at last 4

A snowman at last 5

A snowman at last 6

A snowman at last 7

After successfully making three big snowballs mummy had to lift them into a snowman shaped pile. I can tell you now, they were heavy!

Once the basic shape was ready it was time to fill in the gaps and make sure the balls were firmly stuck together…

A snowman at last 8

A snowman at last 9

A snowman at last 10

A snowman at last 11

And of course, no snowman is complete without a face, arms and some buttons :)

A snowman at last 12

One impressive, child sized snowman and two very happy children. Who named it Carol.

A snowman at last 13

A snowman at last 14

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35 thoughts on “Outdoors: a snowman at last”

  1. Its been about 3 yrs since we have seen snow! Not even a flake this year. Very odd and sad for all the children (including my grandchildren)who have not had snow fun. Great pictures and snowman x

    1. I may not be a huge fan, but I love that we get regular snow for the kids in the winter. They do love it x

  2. Fab pictures! Yes you can indeed have the wrong kind of snow – we also have the wrong kind of garden as we have stones and the snow picks them all up when you roll so your snowman has random pebble “freckles” everywhere! H x

    1. It has been a bonus of moving over here, and as long as we never get as much snow as we did last winter again, I can cope with a few inches every so often for the kids :)

    1. It’s definitely been a bonus of moving to the US :) Although the nine feet we had last year was a bit OTT…!

  3. Ah how lovely that you finally got to build a snowman! It never occurred to me that you could have the wrong kind of snow for snowmen. Love the excitement on your children’s faces and the pure joy that shines out of the photos – they look like they were having a wonderful time :-)

  4. Carol is very impressive. We had the wrong kind of snow one year. It is really frustrating trying to get it to stick. Only snow we’ve had this year didn’t settle, which is even worse. Enjoy your snow. (not jealous…..much) #CountryKids

    1. It is very frustrating, I felt so sorry for my 6yo as he tried and tried to get the powdery snow to stick! He was so pleased with Carol :)

  5. He’s a great snowman and so big, a great effort by the children and I love his characterful face. I have heard of the wrong type of snow, maybe one day I’ll get to discover for myself in snowless Cornwall! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  6. I can’t wait to get enough snow for Sophie to experience it. She is 17months and so far we have one evening with enough snow to show her but nothing in the morning! It looks like your children had a great time and I loved that they named the snowman Carol!

  7. Kellie Kearney

    Ah you got loads of snow, very jealous haha!

    We got a little lasted all of an hour but we got out just in time. Kids snowman looks deadly!

  8. Megan - Truly Madly KIds

    Ahh, how lovely! We’ve only seen proper snow skiing this year – I miss the snowy days! Lovely photos, Sara. #countrykids

    1. The snow this year hasn’t been as good for skiing near us, but the kids have had fun with the snow we did get :)

    1. In all honesty, we haven’t had a huge amount this year, but enough for the kids to play in it a bit :)

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