The Prompt: Confusion

The Prompt 105: Confusion

Awake. The dream faded, leaving her disoriented.

Where am I?

The sun had not yet risen, but something had roused her, dragging her from sleep. Bringing her back to this new, bewildering reality.

He’s gone.

As her dream-infused confusion eased, her sudden awareness of his absence shocked her.

The noise that had woken her sounded again. In her dreams it had become the beat of drums, marching her towards oblivion. Now it was simply the open window, banging in the wind.

Another storm!

She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and slowly padded over to the window. She stood, mesmerized by the turbulent sky. She could sense the spirit of the storm, ever present and watchful. She found herself remembering the first time she had felt the turmoil behind the winds, the pain in the thunder, the anger of the lightening.

It was real. The storm was alive. It was vengeful and purposeful and malevolent.

That was the day everything changed, when she knew that her gift was real. Knew they would come for her. Knew she would become Chosen.

The storm raged on, and her agitation grew with each explosive crash. Its anger was directed at her; it knew.

How could he leave?

But, she already had the answer to that. Their failure yesterday had left him with no choice. Remaining by her side would have meant the end; the Called would have made sure of that. By leaving he had given them both a chance.

She had returned to the Citadel; shattered, scared, confused. Alone.

She had stumbled to her rooms, sure that the tumult that gripped her would be visible, so strongly did it seem to surround her.

I must regain composure.

They must not suspect the fear that clamped around her heart, blurring and obscuring reason. They needed little excuse to make an example.

She tore herself away from the commotion of the storm.

Order, system, rule; she repeated these words as she walked across the room.

Order, system, rule.

They had failed, there was nothing else left.

© Sara Murray, 10 March 2016



Sharing this post with Prose for Thought.

This is part of a longer story. After writing about the day after from his perspective last week, I wanted to consider it from her side this week… If you would like to read the story so far, in the order that events happen, click on the images below…





12 thoughts on “The Prompt: Confusion”

  1. I’m loving the way you’ve written the two narrative strands , keeping us wondering what is going to happen to these two characters. I’m definitely interested in what happens to them…

  2. I agree with Jo. I am currently reading The Good Girl which takes the narrative from 3 different characters in the book – I love how this works, reading how the story unfolds from different perspectives. Fabulous writing. Thanks for hosting #ThePrompt

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