Outdoors: Rockport, MA

During the February vacation we took a couple of days away. We didn’t go far, and in fact stayed over night in a hotel only 30 minutes from home. But, it got us away from to-do lists and domestic tasks and routine, and gave us some much needed family time.

We haven’t explored much of the coast just to the north of us, and so many places have been recommended! So, this seemed like an ideal opportunity to explore.

It was bitterly cold, but beautifully sunny. A fabulous time to investigate a stretch of the coast rife with UK place names!

We started our trip with lunch in Gloucester, finding a gem of a café where we ate amazing sandwiches followed by exceedingly good cakes.

From there we drove further along the coast to Rockport, which has been on my must-visit list forever. At this time of year, most shops and cafes were closed for the season. Cheery signs in doorways thanked visitors for a wonderful summer and said see you in April!

Thankfully, our plan was just to take a walk, but I will definitely be going back to wander around all the fabulous gift shops later in the year.

We started with a stroll to the end of Bearskin Neck, a narrow neck of land that juts out into Rockport Harbour, which took us along a colourful and quirky street. Just beautiful!

Bearskin Neck 1

Bearskin Neck 2

Bearskin Neck 3

The view at the end was breathtaking (as was the chill wind!). We didn’t spend long admiring the view before heading back into the town!

Bearskin Neck 4

Bearskin Neck 5

Bearskin Neck 6

We had spotted a beach from the tip of the neck, so we walked back through the town until we found ourselves on Front Beach.

Rockport 1

Rockport 2

The kids were in their element, however we hadn’t changed into welly boots, so needed to be a little careful! It was freezing, so getting wet would have resulted in extremely grumpy children (and mummy!).

That didn’t stop the kids making the most of the, almost, deserted beach!

Rockport 3

Rockport 4

Rockport 5

Rockport 6

Despite cold hands, digging in the sand is a must.

Rockport 7

And, heeding repeated warnings from mummy not to get her feet wet, the wee girl enjoyed running away from the waves :)

Rockport 8

Before we left, we attempted a quick family selfie. Considering this was the only one we took (don’t we all look cold!) it turned out not too badly. Although, I need to remember to smile too!

Rockport 9

It was a wonderful afternoon. I’m so glad that we’ve finally visited Rockport, and I know that we will be back.

Rockport 10

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20 thoughts on “Outdoors: Rockport, MA”

  1. That street leading down to the harbour is beautiful as is the view across the harbour itself – just stunning. I love the photos of you all on the beach – you do look cold in the family shot although very well wrapped up against the cold too and the children all look like they had a wonderful time on the beach – I especially like the photo of the wee girl running away from the waves :-)

  2. I bet it is very busy on a summers day. The vibrant colours in your photos mask the cold you all felt. It looks beautiful and lovely to be able to stroll in peace without the crowds. The pretty street looks like a real gift shop road, I can just imagine all the people milling around and a holiday atmosphere in summer. I hope you manage to return and see the differences in the seasons. Thank you for sharing your lovely family break with me on Country Kids.

    1. I can’t wait to go back and experience it when it’s buzzing! But, it was lovely to have the place to ourselves :)

  3. What a stunning little town with its little street and lovely shops and an amazing beach too! Looks very cold though! Well done on the family selfie with everybody looking at the camera, we can never manage that in our family. Someone is always looking the wrong way! :-) #counrtykids

    1. It is beautiful, so pretty and colourful. It was freezing though :) I was quite surprised when I looked at the selfie!

  4. This is a mystery to me how my son can dig in a really a cold sand! But he would every time we visit the beach! Even if his hand would turn red. It just need to be done!

    This is such a lovely trip. Love how vlue the water is in there! I think that no matter how cold it is outside, with kids as long as they are out its going to be fun =)


  5. Although so much is closed it must have been rather wonderful being able to explore without the usual summer crowds. And a beautiful way to spend some time together as a family despite the chilly weather!

  6. Wow, amazing place – and you had it pretty much to yourselves! I love how this happens on days out in Winter It will be so interesting for you to visit again in season when the whole place is packed! #CountryKids

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