The Prompt: Respect

The Prompt 106: Respect

Thoughts trick, with disdain
as thoughts mix, with venom
in minds that scorn.
But, our hearts are closed
to doubt,
as faith resolves
and dignity is held.

Derision will not gain.

Ideas grow, in ignorance
as ideas flow, with bile
from a place of spite.
But, our hearts are closed
to fear,
as civility entreats
to hold us to account.

Humiliation will not succeed.

Words shrill, unchecked
as words spill, rampant
from mouths that fear.
But, our hearts are closed
to hate,
as honour demands
we fight for respect.

Darkness will not win.

© Sara Murray, 17 March 2016



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11 thoughts on “The Prompt: Respect”

  1. Brilliant! I love the last line ‘Darkness will not win’ The sentiment throughout the poem is wonderful and I couldn’t agree more. Close our hearts to fear and hatred and respect and kindness will win. Brilliant!

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