Me and: ten more things

ME AND ten more things

Next up in my series of posts responding to all the very kind Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award tags that I received are the questions from Claire at Tin Box Traveller.

So, here goes with more random facts and stories :)

1. What’s the worst place you’ve ever been on holiday?
I hate to single out one place, but we had a disastrous holiday in Tunisia many years ago. Thankfully this was before we had children, but it really was awful in so many ways. The hotel bore no resemblance to the pictures in the brochure, none of the facilities were open, the weather was awful and I hated the markets… Having said all that, everyone in the hotel banded together in adversity, so it was one of the most sociable holidays I’ve ever had!

2. Heels or flats?
I used to love wearing heels, now it’s flats all the way and if I do wear heels I take a pair of flip flops in my bag!

3. When was the last time you got on a plane and where did you go?
The last time was in February and I went to Miami on a girls weekend to celebrate a friends 40th. It was an unexpected treat and it was fabulous.

4. How many items in your fridge are out of date?
Actually, very few! I found three jars (relish and jalapeno peppers!) in the fridge door that are past their best before, and there were a couple of tubs of Philadelphia that I had forgotten about! I have a bit of a thing about food wastage, so I very rarely need to throw food away. For the most part, I buy what I need, when I need it, and use it :)

5. Are you a camper or a glamper?
I love camping, as long as there is a decent shower/toilet block :)

6. What was your first ever blog post about? Link it if you dare!
After my first hello world post – which didn’t really say much! – I wrote about dropping my kids off at an elementary school in the US after another mass shooting.

7. What’s your top UK holiday destination?
I’m a bit biased, but I do love Edinburgh! After that Norfolk would be high on the list, as would the West Coast of Scotland.

8. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? What have you bought?
Ha! Now this shows how slow I am at responding to tags! At the time I was tagged, I hadn’t started :)

9. Is there a day out or attraction you’d like to visit that’s right on your doorstep but you haven’t gotten round to doing yet?
We still haven’t made it to Legoland Boston, which is terrible! The kids would love it, and I suspect we would too :)

10. What’s your favourite linky or blog hop and why?
This is a tough one! I love linkys, although I join in far fewer these days that I used to. I do join in My Sunday Photo and Project 365 every week, but I think my favourite linky [other than my own ;)] is What I’m Writing over at Writing Bubble, closely followed by Prose for Thought over at Verily Victoria Vocalises. Both of these linkys focus on writing, which is the reason I blog, and the communities in both are truly supportive and wonderful.

Thanks again to Claire for these great questions. Watch out for the next installment when I answer those posed by Izzie from The World According to Izzie.



10 thoughts on “Me and: ten more things”

  1. I love these posts. I must be nosier than I thought! Hello from the West Coast of Scotland. Thanks for introducing me to Writing Bubble. I feel like I’ve found my blogging people!

  2. I love these. It gives you a more personal glimpse on who’s behind the blog! No2 is sooo me too, I use to love wearing heels but after kids, a good pair of flipflops does me fine!

    1. Miami was fabulous :) I was quite pleased about the fridge, although after a random couple of weeks I’m not sure I’d do quite so well now!

    1. Yes, I last about an hour before the flip flops are back on :) And, you’re very welcome, I love Prose for Thought x

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