Siblings: March 2016

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The sun has started shining, and the coats have come off! I still can’t quite bring myself to put away the snow gear (just in case I jinx us all), but we have been making the most of the sunny days.

It’s amazing what a difference a bit of warmth in the day makes, to everyone’s moods! We’ve managed to walk to and from school a couple of times in the last week and one of the things I love about that is listening to the three chatting to each other as we stroll. Something that just doesn’t happen when we drive.

Last Wednesday was the warmest day of the year so far, so we walked home and popped into a park on the way past.

As they played together I thought, perfect! No resorting to the sofa this month :)

Of course, trying to get them to slow down long enough to get a photo proved tricky.

The boys suggested the slide shot, and we did eventually get the wee girl to join them for more than three seconds!

Siblings March 1

Siblings March 2

I gave up at this point and sat down on a bench and just watched them, only stepping in when the boys became zombies, chased their sister and made her cry… The 9yo swiftly declared mulch the cure, and after throwing handfuls at each other they were all fine!

It’s interesting how the age difference between them pops in and out of focus in their play.

The wee girl and 6yo play so nicely together now, the gap seeming to have shrunk completely, for the moment. As a threesome it works too, until the boys gang up on their sister. The boys on their own play differently, and that’s when I see irritation at the wee girl rear its head. I suspect that is something that we are going to have to work through, and will always be an issue. Understandably, to be fair, as she is that bit younger than them.

The sweetest thing to watch though is the 9yo playing with his sister. He really does adore her, and is so patient and tolerant. It makes my heart melt. This is something that I hope never changes.

Before we left, I managed to get these shots. The 9yo knew I was trying for a photo and managed to get the other two to look at the camera for me :)

Siblings March 3

Siblings March 4

This journey we’re on, through ages and stages, is endlessly fascinating and hugely rewarding. Watching these three grow is a privilege.

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8 thoughts on “Siblings: March 2016”

  1. It is so nice to feel a bit of warmth isn’t it Sara? It’s been the same one here. It must be infinitely harder to get shots of the 3 together than it is with just 2 and their dynamics use be fascinating. I love how much all of your 3 get in and they have different relationships with each other. Just lovely. Xx

    1. Oh yes, the sun makes a difference! It can be tricky to get them all to stand still, but they’re getting used to me asking!

    1. The weather last week was fab, shame it’s been cold and wet so far this week, but we’re getting there!

  2. Oh I’m with you on enjoying the return of the sunshine!! And I love hearing about how your three’s interaction is figured out as they get older – definitely shades of my future, or a sort of mirror image of it anyway!

  3. Oh I loved reason this post – I too have 3 children – 2 girls and a boy – and watching them interact is a joy – well when they arena bickering – but that gets less and less as they get older I promise. I sometimes find 3 interacting tricky but 2 (whichever pairing) is beautiful as you see different elements of their personality come out when they aren’t fighting to be top of the pack! And I agree – a true privilege to watch them grow x

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