Outdoors: Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter weekend wouldn’t be the same without an egg hunt. In fact, the wee girl had been asking when we were having ours all week!

So, come Sunday morning, eggs were scattered around the garden and we braved the dull, cold morning. Not that you’d think it was cold looking at the kids, but I was wrapped up in a big coat and fluffy boots :)

The 9yo now joins in with these things to help the other two out. He kept an eye on who was getting what, and then made sure that there was an even distribution of candy, bless him.

Most of the photos I took are a blur of motion as the 6yo and the wee girl ran around. Squeals from the wee girl letting us know when she’d spotted an egg.

Easter Egg Hunt 1

Easter Egg Hunt 2

Easter Egg Hunt 3

Easter Egg Hunt 4

Some eggs were easier to find than others :)

Easter Egg Hunt 5

Easter Egg Hunt 6

Easter Egg Hunt 7

It really was the wee girl’s morning though. Her face! She had a blast and declared it the best Easter ever.

Easter Egg Hunt 8

Easter Egg Hunt 9

Easter Egg Hunt 10

Easter Egg Hunt 11

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45 thoughts on “Outdoors: Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. Oh my goodness your kids are so cute! I can hear the squeals by just looking at their smiling faces! There is nothing like an outside Eater egg hunt :)

  2. I can just imagine wee girl squealing with delight and your eldest is so king to be the one helping and making sure everyone found their share. I hope he had enough too. Our Sunday hunt was much the same with all our guests. I recruited Guy and Clio to help me with Egg hiding and keeping things fair with the guests and then did a little hunt just for my six in the garden after. I had just the same problem capturing photos, it is so hard to try and keep up with them and capture the moment before they are off again. Wee girl’s face shows pure delight in finding her eggs. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. It was almost impossible to get photos of them, most of them really were just a blur of motion :) The wee girl has the best time, it was lovely to watch x

  3. Aaaw <3 your kids are super cute. I can understand the squeals every time she spotted an egg. :) Love your garden too. xx

  4. Ah, so adorable. Our oldest does the same – likes to organise and watch over the proceedings to make sure all is fair. You’ve captured the excitement so well here. Best wishes for a lovely spring, Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah, as we look out on to snow (?!?), I am very much looking forward to spring arriving properly!

  5. Looks like your children had a lot of fun doing their Easter egg hunt – and great that the 9yo still joins in and helps his younger siblings out and makes sure that things are shared out fairly too! Love the wee girl’s pose in the penultimate photo :-)

    1. They really did have a great time! Our garden is a bit unmanageable to be honest, but great for things like this :)

  6. Looks fab. Nothing better than an egg hunt. We did one outside as it was raining and Amelia kept asking for them to be hidden again and we did manage to get outside for one hunt. Lovely photos even if they are mostly running about! X

    1. They are indeed, the area we live in is built on/around a lot of rock! We happen to have rather a lot of it in our garden :) The kids love it!

    1. It really is the simple things, they love being in the garden for any reason, chocolate is an added bonus :)

  7. Oh my goodness, how cute! I just love to see kids doing this at Easter. My ten year old son will be the same next year when my little one is old enough to do an egg hunt – bless them! Such lovely pictures too x

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