Simplify: Month Two: Update

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March has been a busy month, which has meant that momentum has slowed on my quest to declutter and organize.

But, looking back at my plan for March; which fell under three headings: clutter, writing and personal; I haven’t done too badly. I am still making progress!


Soooo… not done quite as well with this over the last month. But, I have managed to work on my bedroom and the dining room, which was necessitated by the wee girl’s birthday party, and did involve a randoms box being filled and simply moved elsewhere! Only one box though :)

The kids clothes mountain in the corner of my bedroom is gone. Well, it’s sorted and boxed/bagged anyway. And, not in the corner of my bedroom anymore! Quite a bit has left the house in fact, at last.

Bedroom - Clutter 1
The mountain at the end of March…

Bedroom - Clutter 2
And, now it’s gone! This chair won’t stay, I have chosen a lovely grey armchair and I might even get round to ordering it this month, but I can see this corner from bed and it makes me smile.

The dining room is tidy, although clearing the table has resulted in it becoming a new spot for homework, but hey ho, at least I can see the top of the table again!

Dining Room - Clutter 1
Before… this was definitely my junk spot…

Dining Room - Clutter 2
After… now to paint!


My plan was to not plan, to just write. And, I did.

I got back into the habit of writing every day and I loved it. I published a blog post every day in March, helped by the fact that I had spent a lot of time in February planning and scheduling. It felt good to be publishing again. It also felt good to be interacting again; joining in with the odd linky and comment thread, just getting back into the swing of things.

I’m going into April without any posts scheduled, but with my editorial calendar planned for the month. That’s a good start :)


March was busy, and in the end I didn’t have quite as much ‘time off’ as I’d hoped for.

But, what it did prove to me was that my push to take care of myself, so that I can take care of everyone else, is the right thing to do. I got tired, I got grumpy. I shouted more. It was the reminder and validation I needed that I am doing the right thing in trying to let go of the craziness. To do less, to enjoy more.

April Goals


This is going to be the top of list every month! I have a lot to do.

My husband has re-painted and re-shelved one closet and is working on another right now. This is my opportunity to go through some of the random boxes that are/were stored in these cupboards and sort them out. So, that is task number one for April.

Task number two is to develop/reduce/manage our paper storage systems. We are drowning under paper. Aren’t we all?

So, I am taking inspiration from various sources; in particular the book, The Joy of Less and the website, A Bowl Full of Lemons (I have also bought the book!) and working on what needs to be filed, and how.

One of the things I hate most about our cluttered life is that I can never find anything; I need a system!


Last month I was offered a great sponsored post opportunity for the blog, but I declined. Partly because I still haven’t resolved in my own mind how I feel about monetizing, but mainly because it would have involved a series of five articles, with research required. And deadlines.

I don’t yet feel that I’m organized enough in any part of my life to commit to a project like that.

I want to feel organized enough to take these opportunities though.

So, while my editorial calendar is full of ideas, and is taking on a better shape (with new features and regular items), it’s too full.

It was fun challenging myself to publish every day in March, and it was great for getting me back into the habit of writing. It didn’t leave me a lot of thinking time though. I need to clear at least one, if not two days a week that I can use for development, forward planning and unexpected opportunities!

And time off.

So, my goal for April is to develop a regular publishing schedule that allows for two days a week ‘off’. I have so many ideas, the problem isn’t filling my editorial calendar, it’s not doing everything, all at once. Some posts can wait.

Deciding what not to do may in fact be just as important as deciding what to do.

Simplify - Lin Yutang Quote

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28 thoughts on “Simplify: Month Two: Update”

    1. Thank you Leigh, I’m finding some wonderfully inspirational quotes as I go through this process x

  1. Well done clearing the clutter.It looks like you’re making great progress. I made a good start a few months ago but have totally stalled.

    1. I’m getting there, but believe me, the rest of the rooms in our house don’t quite look this tidy :)

  2. When we moved house 6 months ago, to a smaller house with less storage, we had to de-junk (except a lot wasn’t actually junk…). It was frustrating at the time but 6 months later, I’ve had not choice but to get used to the idea and now have to think 3 times before I keep anything ‘just in case’. Keeping it all clean is so much easier with less clutter too! My blog is getting busier… but more structured. And I like that. A lot :) #whatimwriting

    1. It is easier to keep on top of things without the clutter, the small areas I’ve cleared so far are staying tidy :) Structure is good, I like structure!

    1. Thank you! I’m naturally a bit of a hoarder, so I’m having to change mindset as I go. It seems to be working though!

  3. Loving the amount of clutter you have managed to clear! It has made a huge difference. I’m tackling clutter this month as part of my Romeo Project x

  4. ‘The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials’ – this! I need it displayed above my desk for sure… I am still working on prioritising to free up space and time for the important things, and I’m finding these updates very inspiring. The clutter too is still an ongoing project here. It is all about those little corners, which I’m hoping at some point soon will all link up to form one blissfully clutter-free space! I can but dream, anyway… Good luck with your goals for this month xx

    1. I’m gathering so many wonderful quotes as I go through this process! I’m not convinced we’ll ever be tidy, but less cluttered would be good. I’d love to be able to find things when I need them…

  5. I love the change in your dining room, it must feel great with the table so clear. An you are right that we need to prioritise ourselves otherwise things will start to o wrong. I hope you continue well on your journey to balance through April. #WhatImWriting xx

    1. Thank you Alice, the last few weeks have been a bit crazy and I need to get back to a better balance of everything. Always a work in progress!

  6. Wow – a post every day in March! I’m always impressed when people blog daily and I have no idea how any of you do it! Well done! And I LOVE a good de-clutter – I’m on a mission in my house too at the moment. I cleared out a couple of kitchen cabinets the other day (the sort where previously if I opened them I was in danger of things hitting me on the head) and now I keep opening them just to look at the lack of clutter! Gives me a feeling of serenity when surfaces are clear! You house looks lovelier all the time – very inspirational. Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting

    1. It helped that I gave myself a kick start to the month, having not published anything much in February! It’s amazing what a difference even just clearing a corner or a cupboard makes, serenity is a good word for it x

  7. That is a truly brilliant quote – I think sometimes I need to staple it to my head!! I’m very impressed at your clutter elimination – it’s one of my goals for the year too and I think we’re a little overwhelmed – I’ve got four giant boxes of kids clothes to go through for starters!!

    1. Oh, you should have seen the pile of kids clothes before I started! And, I found another sneaky box full when I was looking through another cupboard at the weekend! Argh!! It’s never ending, and definitely overwhelming. Getting there though, and that is very satisfying x

    1. Thank you, getting there! I failed to declutter for the arrival of either number 2 or number 3, so I have a lot to do now!

  8. Good luck with your continued decluttering project. I’m on a complete decluttering mission at the at the moment after reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. If really recommend it if you need so inspiration!

    1. Thank you! I have the Marie Kondo book, I’m just finishing a couple of others in my Simplify pile, and then it’s next :)

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