The Prompt: Jump

The Prompt 110: Jump

From an instant
To a moment
With a leap
Comes a thought.

From an impulse
To a force
With a dive
Comes an idea.

From a whisper
To a roar
With a jump
Comes a chance.

© Sara Murray, 14 April 2016



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20 thoughts on “The Prompt: Jump”

  1. I always find your writing so uplifting and inspiring – you often leave me feeling like anything is possible. Another one for my mood board I think! :) Thanks for hosting #theprompt, I don’t always get the chance to join in (where does the time go in a week!) but I love it when I do.

  2. I totally echo what Kriss says in the comments. Breathtaking. I’ve read this several times now Sara and it gets more uplifting, exciting and inspiring each time :) #prose4t

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