Simplify: Month 3: Update

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I should have realized before it began that April was going to be unproductive. April vacation and the husband away on business, twice. That’s three of four weeks lost before I even began!

My goals for April, which fell under the headings of clutter and writing, were therefore a little ambitious. Especially the clutter, although I have been plugging away!


I had great plans to sort out two huge closets and all our paperwork. Hmm. One closet isn’t too bad?

Last month my husband shelved a cupboard in the playroom. I promptly filled it with boxes, which now need to be taken out and sorted through properly. That hasn’t happened! But, this month he finished painting and shelving the cupboard under the stairs, which is right next to the kitchen.

I love it!

Under the Stairs - before
Before: dark green, dingy and a magnet for hiding ‘stuff’ in a big pile!

Under the Stairs - After
After: bright, clean and a home for all the stuff that was taking up space on the kitchen counters, plus some very useful extra food (snack!) storage.

The door will be painted white too, and we have some coat racks to put up.

It’s my new favourite space, and it’s having a wonderful impact on the kitchen :)


My main goal was to ensure that I had time off during the week. I’ve largely succeeded in this. Two days a week I don’t publish a new post, this has freed up time for engagement, writing and (shock, horror!) reading! I actually read TWO books during April.

It all feels much more manageable and I haven’t felt like I’m constantly behind. I supect I could do with cutting back a bit more, but we’ll see…

May Goals


This remains my key task. The last few months have seen such huge steps forward, I must keep up the momentum. I’m also conscious that summer is rapidly approaching which will make getting anything done a challenge, so I need to make the most of May and June.

This month, it has to be paper. I MUST get a handle on our filing. We spend an inordinate amount of time looking for things that we should be able to lay our hands on in seconds. This has to change.

So, that’s it for May. Paper!


Again, thinking ahead to the summer, I’d like to have a few posts written and in hand to take the pressure off over vacation. I want to enjoy the summer with my kids. Last year I focused on journaling our time, writing about our Bucket List and capturing all our fun days out and trips. I plan to do the same this year, but I’d like to intersperse that with a few other things.

I have some ideas in draft, my goal for May is to get some of them written…


I’ve fallen back into old habits this past month. Mainly due to circumstance, but I haven’t been getting enough sleep and I’ve been rushing around, doing too much.

I need to slow down. I’m tired and a bit grumpy.

Summer will need me to be on top form, for the kids sake and my own. So, May has to be about self-care.

I know how much better I feel when I do less; how much more productive I am, how much less shouty. Time to take a step back again and sort my head out.

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6 thoughts on “Simplify: Month 3: Update”

  1. Life can be cluttered but do take time out and breath in the spring air – it’ is a great tonic! Thinking of you and wish you were here.

  2. I think one cupboard is brilliant, and well done sticking with the writing schedule, too. It can never be bad if it frees up time for reading, in my eyes! I’ve fallen back into old habits lately, too, so thanks for the reminder, will make more effort this month.

    1. mumturnedmom

      I do feel more organized and in control, have to say! Freeing up time for reading is a definite bonus :)

  3. I love this setting goals for yourself and looking realistically at your achievements. Doing one cupboard with all of the other things going on and your trip to new York and being home alone…you’ve achieved huge amounts!
    Yes, writing less and clever scheduling is the way to go I’m sure, I’m still not there yet and it can lead to too many late nights:(
    Best of luck with May xx

    1. mumturnedmom

      Thank you Tracey, it’s definitely helping keep me focused and I’m getting much more done! Writing less is really working for me…

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