The Prompt: High

The Prompt 116: High

She looked down. Into an abyss. Fear curling around her, choking her.

What had she been thinking?

Heights? Nope, not for her. No sir, not a fan.

But, they had been watching her.

Waiting for her to show fear.

She had watched her colleagues bound up the ladder.

She could do it. How hard could it be?


She couldn’t breathe.

Her legs felt insubstantial. Fuzzy.

Her heart raced.

Her hands shook.

Each step harder than the one before.

Don’t look down.

Her feet were incased in concrete. Heavy. Too heavy.

Stop thinking, just climb.

One more step.

Just one more step.


Had they noticed? Could they sense her fear?

See her shaking?

Deep breaths. Focus on the work. Focus.

Inspection completed, all too soon.

She looked down. Stepped into the abyss. Fear curling around her, choking her.

© Sara Murray, 26 May 2016





7 thoughts on “The Prompt: High”

  1. Wow is this based on an Ofsted or US equivalent situation? Sounds like a cross between that and the worst sort of vertigo dreams I have. Good poem Sara. Thanks for the Prompt. xJo

  2. Oh my word, I hate heights, although I don’t get leaden feet, rather I crawl, convinced I’ll drop off the edge *shudder*

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      Ha, I hear you! I hate heights, and in my former life as an engineer I had to climb ladders rather more than I would have liked :)

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      She is me, and any woman on a construction site gets watched :) I hate heights and climbing ladders is one of my worst fears!

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