Me and Mine: Summer 2016

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at the weekend. Twelve years. Twelve busy, choatic, fun, happy years.

We took the kids out for lunch, our anniversary marking not just the beginning of us, but the beginning of our family. It was a quiet day, a happy day. One with lots of smiles and laughter, and time to reflect and simply enjoy us.

It also marked the end of summer. All the kids are now back at school and our days will again be taken up with the endless whirlwind of activities and homework and sports.

It was good to take the day and focus on us.

Taking a break from the blog over the summer left me able to enjoy unstructured, unfocused, camera-free time with my family. I took photos, but only when the mood took me, not because I wanted to freeze the moment. I paid attention, but not because I was taking notes.

The kids made me laugh by still pointing out blog-worthy moments and I think they were a little confused by the change in my focus. But I did enjoy sitting back and watching, without the little voice pointing out the angle, the potential, the kodak moment.

I still made sure to get a few photos of the five of us though. Capturing both the fun and the memories.

Me and Mine in July

Me and Mine: July 2016

Me and Mine in August

Me and Mine: August 2016

Our summer was busy. We had family with us over much of the summer and the kids had a blast with granny and then with their cousins.

We went camping, visited Cape Cod and New Hampshire, spent days in Boston and days at the beach. We went to the pool, played in the garden, enjoyed meals at our favourite restaurants and had lots of picnics.

Summer went by in a flash, but we certainly made the most of it.

And most importantly, we spent it together.

I’m sad to see the end of summer. Although it is good to get back into routine, with activities and sports, playdates and parties, it’s going to be harder to get family time.

Which makes taking a moment to stop and breathe it all in so important. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

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