Outdoors: Our Summer 2016

Suddenly I find myself in October. Fall is well and truly underway and the winter jackets have been unpacked. But, I’m not quite ready to let go of summer yet!

As I didn’t blog about any of our vacation adventures, having taken a much needed break from all things blogging, I’m going to relive a few of the best moments (most of them spent outdoors enjoying the fabulous weather) and share them with you now. Before it snows.

Our summer began, and ended, at Nahant beach. Our (my!) favourite spot of the summer by far.

Beach days have taken a giant leap forward this year. Huge. The kids are older and more able to entertain themselves: I actually bought a beach chair, and used it. We tended to go with friends, so everyone had company (including me). We took turns to watch the kids in the water, the kids spent a lot of time digging elaborate holes and the mums spent a lot of time chatting. Such fun. And the view is to die for.

No summer would be complete without a trip to Breakheart Reservation, another favourite. We only managed one visit this year (the kids preferred boogie boarding at the beach!), but it was still worth it to enjoy the amazing surroundings and to chase the fish.

Of course, canoeing and camping both featured on our Summer Bucket List, and we managed to tick both off :) The canoe had a good few trips out and the kids ate lots of s’mores!

One of my favourite things to do is visit the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, and this year the kids were really keen to join me. We spent a wonderful morning at the gallery, the kids loved it and it was a highlight of the summer for me.

We had lots of visitors over the summer, with one of my husband’s brothers, and family, joining us for much of August. To kick their visit off we spent the day in Boston, showing the big cousins around. The three had a blast showing off their new city, including Boston Common and Frog Pond, and walked for miles. I was very impressed :)

At the start of the summer the boys came home with the library summer calendar. There were a few must-dos. The Whale event (with giant blow up whale!), the Harry Potter evening (for the 10yo) and the Egg Drop. The 7yo spent ages designing and building his egg-protecting device, and it worked!

Cape Cod and New Hampshire were both on the Bucket List and we managed a long weekend in both. We visited Cape Cod for the first time last year, and it lived up to the hype. We all fell in love, and couldn’t wait to get back. We had a wonderful weekend showing my husbands family some of places we had found last year, and exploring some new spots. Our weekend featured a quick trip to Plymouth (where we had spent a lovely morning last year) before we reached Cape Cod, time in the pool, visits to the beach, crazy golf and lots of lovely food.

We took the road north to New Hampshire three times this summer. The first trip took us to Santa’s Village for the first time. The second time, my husband took the kids to Storyland while I took an unexpected trip back to the UK. The third visit, we took the big cousins and had a fabulous few days taking in Storyland, a ski lift and two waterfalls.

In amongst all these adventures we spent time at our local outdoor pool, played in the garden, went cycling and scooting, had water fights, ate at our favourite restaurants, went rock climbing, had lots of ice cream, went to the cinema, the Science Museum and the Aquarium… We didn’t quite manage to tick everything off our list, but we had a good shot at it!

We had a blast. The weather was fabulous, we spent lots of time together as a family. There was a lot of laughter and a lot of fun.

How long till next summer??


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19 thoughts on “Outdoors: Our Summer 2016”

  1. Looks like you had an amazing summer spending quality time with your children and family. And it must’ve been lovely to show off your new town to family – looking at things from a tourists perspective can make you review just low beautiful they are.
    Gorgeous photos and I just love the crazy golf course!!

  2. Ah far too long until next summer! Although it does feel nice that we will now have autumn, winter and spring again. I still do miss summer. It looks like you had an amazingly active time! #countrykids

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading this post, such a lovely summer. I had wondered what you had been up to not seeing you on Country Kids but now I can see all the amazing fun you’ve had making the most of the summer weather. I’m delighted you managed to return to some of your favourite places. I remember your first visits to Plymouth and Cape Cod and how determined you were to return, well done for making it happen. The children look to have grown up so much from the little tots I first remember you blogging about. I can see why beach days are more relaxed now, I remember this transition myself. I think you have a wonderful few years ahead now.

    Thank you for joining me and sharing your summer on #CountryKids

  4. It looks like you had an amazing summer. I want to come next year! Everything looks stunning and I’m loving the jazz hands art photo. I might have to try and persuade the OH to go on holiday (although annoyingly it wouldn’t be able to be over the summer holidays due to harvest.

  5. Looks like you had a great summer with loads of family time and adventures. Great pics! Only 7 1/2 months until next summer. I can hardly wait!!! #countrykids

  6. What a wonderful trip and look at that white sand! Its a far cry from the miserable weather this weekend! My mummy can’t wait until I’m a little bit older, so she can relax on a deck chair. #CountryKids

  7. I love your bucket list postit note idea! Sounds like a really jam packed summer too. We’ve not been to the beach properly with our son yet and i imagine he will love digging when he does! Love this post #countrykids

  8. What an AMAZING summer your children have had. I love the bucket list and how you have ticked the items off – think I am going to pinch this idea! #CountryKids

  9. Echoing what Fiona says, your kids have grown up so much.You’ve been on some great advenutres and seen some wonderful places.Do you feel like this will be your forever home now? Over from Country Kids.

  10. What gorgeous photos from your summer Sara and so glad that you all had such a wonderful one revisiting various places and showing the big cousins around too. I love all the photos of your children having fun on the beach and in the water. I love how proud of himself your 7yo is at his egg-protecting device working – that’s quite an impressive construction! :-) #countrykids

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