The Prompt: Hope

The Prompt 127: Hope

It comes with a whirl of anticipation,
a rush of ambition,
faith in daydreams.
It comes when fortune flies.
And, we assure ourselves
there is hope.

It remains in the confusion of loss,
the pain of forgetting,
the agony of remembering.
It remains when all is done.
And, we promise ourselves,
there is hope.

It endures at the end of the world,
at the last moment,
at the final breath.
It endures when nothing remains.
And, we ask ourselves,
is there hope?

© Sara Murray, 13 October 2016





4 thoughts on “The Prompt: Hope”

  1. Wonderful poem. It is a very powerful, very important word isn’t it. A lot of people would just give up completely if this little word lost its meaning to them!

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