The Prompt: Trick


In the shadows she waits,
a fool perhaps, to take
this chance again.
Barely there and barely seen,
she walks a lonely path between
the moments lost.
Passing through from here
to there, is she real
or just a figment?
A poor illusion of a life,
she watches as it slides
beyond her reach.
Deception steals her past,
and she is like a ghost:
a trick of the light.

© Sara Murray, 27 October 2016



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13 thoughts on “The Prompt: Trick”

  1. I read your poem a few times, each time it touched me deeper. It has a way of making you look deep inside and find the feelings long forgoten or dismissed..Beautiful..

  2. Gorgeous poem, and I hope you’re OK. It’s chiming with me with that sort of dissassoicated feeling (I am sorry, I cannot spell any more) you get when you’re depressed. Love and light to you. These are interesting times.

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      I’m good, much better than I was, thank you. A lot still going on in my head though! Interesting times indeed x

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