The Prompt: Lonely

The Prompt 134: Lonely

The noise has a heart
that beats staccato
as it surrounds and
It is brash and
it is reckless,
and I am excluded
in retreat,
from the raucous din
of competing chatter.

Alone but not lonely
in the silence,
finding solace in
It is empty and
it is comforting,
and I am released
and compelled,
by the solitary calm
of quiet withdrawal.

© Sara Murray, 1 December 2016



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12 thoughts on “The Prompt: Lonely”

  1. It has such a calming effect when you read your poem. It’s almost like everything went quiet just for a moment. Thank you for that!xP.S. Still putting my poem together;)hope I succeed..

  2. I can remember feeling exactly as you have described. It’s been when I haven’t been able to cope with something emotionally so my body has taken over and pulled me away into my own little bubble where you feel safe and calm. Great poem Sara and very soothing. xx #Prose4T

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