Me and Mine: December 2016

Anyone else slightly stunned that it’s the end of the year already? I know they say that the years get faster as you get older, and adding kids into the mix speeds things up even more. But, this year? This year is a blur!

Starting the Me and Mine project in January was wonderful. I’m very grateful for the set of photos we now have of the five of us over the year. Without this project, we wouldn’t have them. Even if getting the photos was a little stressful at times…

And, they are a fabulous record of our phenomenally fast year!

December was no different in it’s speed and busyness than previous months. An unexpected trip to the UK, for me, in the middle of it added to the chaos somewhat.

We did manage to squeeze in some lovely family time though, and this photo is one of my favourites of the year. Taken by a friend when we were out on a great hike with the scouts, I love that it is set against the Boston skyline. Small girl’s grumpy face notwithstanding, it is a perfect photo to sum up where were are right now. Happy and settled, and enjoying our expat life.

Christmas came upon us rather quickly in the end. But, we did everything we needed to do and we had a wonderful celebration. Christmas morning was wonderful, and Santa did a good job. As did mum and dad. And of course, my mother joining us has made Christmas even more special for the kids and I.

We are getting ready to celebrate the New Year here, we’ll be raising a glass at 7pm to wish all our UK based family and friends all the best. And our US family and friends… It being extremely unlikely that any of us will still be awake at midnight!

So, I will be back next week choosing my favourite Me and Mine photos from the year.

In the meantime I would just like to wish you all a very Happy New Year, from me and mine to you and yours. And, fabulous things for 2017!

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