Me and Mine 2016

Last January we took our first Me and Mine photos. There had always been a distinct lack of photographs of the five of us. In fact, the very first photo of all of us also included a man with a white beard in a red suit!

That needed to change, so I began our Me and Mine project.

Me and Mine 2016

It hasn’t always been easy. Of course. Three kids, two tired parents. What could possibly go wrong with a plan to take a family photo every month?!

But, it’s been worth every stressful moment to get a photo of us each month.

As I look back over the year, at this set of silly, funny, wonderful photos, I am so glad that we are now in the habit of taking a photo every month. It’s generally last minute, often in terrible lighting, never in matching clothes.

But, these photos are US.

They sum up our family life. They remind me how much fun we have together, how together we are.

Even on the days where everyone is grumpy and no one wants to sit still while mum takes three thousand photos. Just to get that one-where-everyone-is-actually-looking-at-the-camera shot. Or while dad balances a phone, sets the timer and makes a run for it. Hoping for the best, and his head in the photo.

We’re getting better at getting THE photo. Working out who needs to hold the selfie stick, or where best to balance the camera (thank you Santa for the new tripod!) so that we’re all in the photo. The first time, instead of the tenth!

But, however it happens each month, we have a wonderful record of our lives over the year and I am very grateful for that.

I have decided to combine my Siblings and Me and Mine projects this year into one monthly My Family post. I want to keep recording our family each month; noting the big and small changes and the ordinary and extraordinary moments; but I need to have fewer project commitments going forward! So, watch this space; the funny faces will return!

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4 thoughts on “Me and Mine 2016”

  1. lovely photographs and such a wonderful thing to have. we are attempting to get all 7 of us together this year, but it has to be before june when child 4 of 5 goes to iraq for several months and the logistics are proving difficult with him in Northern ireland, one child in Leeds, the rest in Gloucestershire and us in Dubai

  2. Love these photos. We don’t have enough photos either. I’m pretty sure we have about two together from last year. We really need to change that! I’m just wondering about taking another project on too :)

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