Siblings 2016

A year of siblings photos. A year of fun and laughter, and wonderful memories.

When I was selecting my favourite photographs for my Project 366 round up, so many were of the three, together or individually. Their personalities shine through and the images make me smile. A huge, happy grin.

Siblings 2016

So much of this year has passed in a blur. I have said many times that it’s gone far too quickly, and that it’s been tough at times to pick out the good bits amongst the chaos and stress. But, each month, stopping for a moment and taking a photo of my three together has given me the opportunity to focus on the positive.

When choosing which images to share in this post, I didn’t always choose the perfect, smiling, looking at the camera one. It was the funny ones that jumped out at me. The out-takes!

Which really aren’t the out-takes any more. They are THE photos.

It really has been a busy year. So much going on, and so many changes in the three. They are growing up.

My daughter is in her second year of preschool now, and is more than ready to start Kindergarten in September. She continues to challenge and amuse us in equal measure. She is bright and funny and spirited. She loves her brothers fiercely, and likes nothing better than being with them. Until they annoy her, and then all hell breaks loose.

My younger son is now in Second Grade, still endlessly curious and scarily clever. His enthusiasm for life is truly infectious and his ready smile cheers us all up. He drives his little sister nuts, and is an expert at pushing her buttons. They swing wildly between snuggling up on the couch together and screaming at each other. Sigh.

My eldest is in Fifth Grade, his last year at Elementary School. In September he will start at Middle School, and will make the jump to being far more independent. Walking to and from school, arranging his own spontaneous playdates, seeking more time on his own. He adores his brother and sister, but he definitely needs time away from them now. He can often be found reading quietly in his room, hoping they don’t find him!

Together they are a formidable team. No one can come between them. They may fight, as siblings do, but they are inseparable. Watching them together is a joy, and even when they are bickering there is a closeness that only comes from a genuine bond.

They are very lucky to have each other, and I am beyond lucky to have them.

I have decided to combine my Siblings and Me and Mine projects this year into one monthly My Family post. I want to keep recording our family each month; noting the big and small changes and the ordinary and extraordinary moments; but I need to have fewer project commitments going forward! So, watch this space; the comedy poses will return!

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2 thoughts on “Siblings 2016”

  1. I do love how you chart your three siblings each month and it must be lovely to look back and see just how much they’ve changed each month. You only really notice it when you look back at the photos
    They do look like they have a very strong bond between them, and your eldest seems to have shot up – he looks so tall!

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