Outdoors: a new year

Everyone settling in to 2017? It’s been good over here, so far (if we put what will be happening a week today out of our minds for a moment). Crazy weather though: sun, snow, sub-zero to spring-like overnight. But, that’s New England. Right?!

We got the New Year off to a great start with a walk along our favourite beach.

We spent a lot of our summer here, but there is something quite wonderful about the beach on a cold winter’s day. The light and the air and the space.

It was chilly, the sun was gorgeous but there was quite a breeze. One that took you by surprise every so often, catching your breath and freezing your nose. My daughter had a solution for that!

We had to collect shells of course. Cold can’t dampen the enthusiasm and curiosity of my 7yo, and we gathered as many shells as we could carry. Which with big, clumsy gloves wasn’t many. But he gave it a good go!

The sky was a perfect blue, as was the sea. You could almost imagine wading in. Almost. The sea at this time of year is dangerously cold. But, oh so beautiful.

We spent an hour wandering a long a good stretch of the beach, and then back to the car. A perfect way to blow away the many cobwebs left by 2016.

A walk along the beach, breathing in the sea air, is good for the soul. And, if the rest of our year can be full of moments like this, we’ll be okay. I’m full of hope for this new year, it’s going to be a good one.

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11 thoughts on “Outdoors: a new year”

  1. There s nothing like the beach even on a cold wintery day. Loving how gorgeous the sea and sky look and your two look happy. Hope its a good year for you all xx

  2. I love exploring the beach in winter, there’s always fewer people around and plenty of space to really enjoy yourselves. Shell collecting always captures the imaginations of the kids, it looks like the haul was pretty good. It looks like the wind there has been every bit as chilly as the wind here, that scarf solution by your daughter definitely looks like the right idea!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. What a beautiful beach! I wish we had some with shells near us! I love watching the sea it always makes me feel calm, a great start to the new year. Hope 2027 brings your home happiness. Stunning photos Stopping by from #CountryKids

  4. Great photos – it looks amazing. Beach trips in the winter are fab, wrapping up warm and the beautiful blue sky!

    Popping by from #CountryKids!

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