Reflections: Week 2

We had our first proper snow storm of the year last weekend. Needless to say, we had three very excited children!

It snowed most of the day on Saturday and into the early hours of Sunday, so we awoke to a winter wonderland and it was all we could do to stop the wee girl heading outside as soon as the sun came up!

After breakfast it was time to get suited and booted; I do sometimes wonder if the time it takes to get everyone kitted out in snow pants, boots, coats etc. is worth it, but I have to say this time they did stay out longer than it took to get ready. This is not always the case!

Sadly, it was the wrong kind of snow for building a snowman, so the sleds came out instead. We’re lucky to have a good slope to our garden and the space to make our own sled run, so the kids had plenty of fun flying down the hill. I just love this photo of my little girl, she was a little unsure at first but once she going, big smile! It’s not the best quality image; child moving quickly, far away; but I love it anyway. It captures the moment and the feeling of speed and joy.

The following day the snow paints came out and we spent more time wading through the snow. But sadly, depending on your perspective, the temperature shot up over night on Tuesday and it rained. The snow had disappeared by morning. Cue some very disappointed kids, who were already sad that Granny had left the day before.

I was quite pleased though, as it meant that the next few days were mild. Almost spring like in fact. So, despite the lack of snow, we were able to spend lots of time outside.

It’s been a good week, although the snow storm of last Saturday now feels like it was weeks ago. The kids are hopeful that we’ll get more snow soon, and I’m sure we will. For the meantime, I’m glad that we had so much fun at the beginning of the week!

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21 thoughts on “Reflections: Week 2”

  1. Wow, proper snow! Despite all the hype/panic, we ended up with just the lightest dusting of snow here – barely worth the effort and not even enough to make a proper snowball. Oh well.

  2. Brilliant photo, nice to see a photo of proper snow, although I won’t be showing the children as they will be very jealous! I totally agree with the amount of time it takes to get ready versus the time spent outside!

  3. That’s a lovely photo. I guess you’ll have more snow turn up before the winter’s out? We didn’t get any in last week’s forecast. Just a dusting (which suited me, and N seemed oblivious to it!) Off to go and stalk your IG as I never seem to see it any more

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