The Prompt: History

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The Prompt 138: History

When all is said and done,
and all our stories silenced,
what will history remember
of battles won, and lost?

Will memory reflect reality?
Though distance tries to cloud
and mar the clarity of recall,
and hindsight seeks to alter.

As history is made, and broken.
what will remain of events?
Results perhaps, but not ideas;
consequences, but not intent?

What moments will define?
Informing, even as they
leave us wondering
at the choices that were made.

How will we choose to remember
the part we played, as a world
looked on and knew that
history would be the judge?

© Sara Murray, 19 January 2017



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9 thoughts on “The Prompt: History”

  1. I always hope to not live in interesting times, but I fear that’s where we are, especially as of today. It is going to be interesting in future to see what historians make of these times where so much data is created and (so far) remains. with so much to wade through, how will they select the truths they wish to tell?

    Love and light to all of us.

  2. Good question, what moments will define us?
    With so much now being recorded and photos taken it’ll be interesting to see how its all combined to define this period in time in history. That’s once all the fake news has been discarded.
    Making positive history for the next generation is so important, unfortunately I don’t think all of our actions relating to world events right now are positive legacies of our time.

  3. Very well put because ultimately, history will be the judge of the results that we choose! What a poignant poem for a poignant day in American history (I know you’re in Canada but still…) Thanks for hosting #ThePrompt

  4. Strange poignant feel to this as things change so radically and in my view not for the better. It reminded me of history lessons where us pupils would say “Some say ..” and our teacher used to say was that a Japanese historian. We all choose what to record of our own histories in our stories and on our blogs. You make me think – this is always a very good thing.

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