The Prompt: Forbidden

The Prompt 144: Forbidden

Temptation to do the things
we shouldn’t do
leads us to places
we shouldn’t go:
out of bounds,
we view events not meant for us,
that pale and fade,
so far are they beyond
our understanding.
And yet, still we act.
Illicit ideas,
unimaginable and unthinkable,
dangerous but inevitable,
turn us into the people
we are meant to be,
as we walk through forests of
impossible dreams,
where we risk all
for that which has been

© Sara Murray, 9 March 2017



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4 thoughts on “The Prompt: Forbidden”

  1. This really reminds me of the saying ‘to err is human’. There are so many things in life we shouldn’t do – but we do! I guess it makes for an interesting path sometimes. Great writing as always. Thanks for hosting #ThePrompt

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