The Prompt: Glass

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The Prompt 146: Glass

In the looking glass I see
a version of this life
that blurs the more I look.
Like a hall of mirrors,
I am reflected back
in endless ways
seen differently
by strangers
by you
by me.
When clarity is tinted,
with rose perhaps?
Or worse.
These lives of mine
are obscured:
distorted, more imagined
than true.
A lifetime of reflections,
as the glass is shattered.
Teasing with possibilities
of what has been
could be
will be.
And I am left adrift,
lost in pieces.

© Sara Murray, 30 March 2017

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7 thoughts on “The Prompt: Glass”

  1. I often wonder where other people’s ideas of me come from, how much of me might be in them, and whether these ideas actually shape me. There are two main ideas 1) that I’m super creative and artistic (I think this translates as I dress weird and keep myself occupied without a proper job), and 2) (only from my family) that I’m a stroppy cow (I think this translates as Jeezo you were am awful teenager, thank goodness we don’t have to live with you).

  2. This definitely felt bittersweet. I liked the way you suggested that glass can be multi faceted – like people and we have different sides or faces that we present – clever #prose for thought

  3. I think it’s always interesting to reflect on how others see us as opposed to how we see ourselves. Sometimes we may be surprised that they see gifts rather than flaws. As always, beautifully expressed.

  4. I think that our own reflection can change so much based on our circumstances and what we are projecting at any given time. I think you’ve captured this beautifully and your words are so powerful and enchanting. #Prose4T

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