Gorgeous boy, now you are eleven

Gorgeous boy, you’re eleven! I still can’t quite believe it, time is speeding by at an alarming rate. But, we are having a lot of fun a long the way.

What a year we have had, your last at elementary school. Wow. We have been so proud of you, watching you navigate all the changes that this year has brought, stepping up and continuing to grow into such a responsible and helpful boy.

Now you are eleven 1
You have worked hard this year, taking on each new project and challenge with enthusiasm. You have developed a real love of science, and we have enjoyed listening to your enthusiastic explanations of the latest theory you’ve learnt, or experiment you’ve done.

You continue to read voraciously and I love that you now pass on books you’ve particularly enjoyed for me to read too. Our shared love of reading is a joy to me. And movies. We’ve seen loads of great movies this year.

You tried out for the community 5th Grade Spelling Bee, and you were thrilled to make the team for your school. We were so proud of you for taking part, and working hard with your team.

Your commitment to swim training has paid off, and your joy at making it to the New England Championships was wonderful to see. And to then win a medal! We cannot tell you how proud we are of you.

You are a kind, thoughtful boy, and such a good friend. You have expanded your friendship circle this year, and you have had a great time. Although the number of text messages you get astounds me. A sign of things to come?

And, your friends know you well. The thoughtful and perfectly chosen birthday gifts prove this.

You are an individual, and your confidence and independence are a credit to you.

Now you are eleven 2
Now you are eleven 3
Never lose that sweetheart, stay true to who you are, even as you move to Middle School and find your place.

Middle School! I still can’t get my head around the fact that your primary education is over. After the summer you will start your secondary school journey. You are taking it all in your stride right now, as you always do, but don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed come September. It’s a huge change and it will take a while to settle. Just know that you can always come to me.

Although, I’m not sure I’ll ever get the hang of your new 7-day timetable cycle…

Keep being you, my gorgeous boy. Keep being the boy described as ‘unique and charismatic’ by your teachers. Keep the unicorn slippers and let unicorn-magic sprinkle your days with happiness. Keep being the wonderful brother, friend and son that you are.

Now you are eleven 4
Happy birthday sweetheart, we love you very much.

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3 thoughts on “Gorgeous boy, now you are eleven”

  1. Oh if sounds like an absolute treasure, and it’s so lovely to hear he is working so hard at his individual passions. I love how you two have carved out a little niche for yourselves, your books and your movie time. It’s so important to find common threads and be friends. He sounds like a wonderful young man, Sarah.
    Hope a wonderful birthday was had by all Xx xx

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