Snapshots from the trees

My younger son is quite determined to take years off my life by climbing. Anything and everything! His current favorite is trees.

Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 1
Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 2
This has resulted in some very good discussions on risk assessment. In particular, checking what is below him. Certain trees are now off limits, as rocks would break his fall! Or more likely, break him.

To be fair, he is quite sensible, quite skilled at climbing and starting to think through the potential consequences of what and where he is climbing. Most of the time.

And, while he wants to climb the tallest trees, his mother is more comfortable with the shortest ones!

Most of the time, we compromise somewhere in the middle.

Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 3
Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 4
Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 5
Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 6
Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 7
Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 8
Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 9
He loves it, and I love to see him so happy.

And, as it means he will happily spend hours in the garden, all the better. He climbs, looks for bugs, hides in the rhododendrons, makes things, plays in the mid kitchen. Which is exactly what he should be doing.

Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 10
Snapshots from tree climbing adventures 11
I hate to say it, but before we know it, winter will be upon us. So, making the most of the garden on sunny autumn afternoons is a must.

Even if it takes years off my life when I find him at the top of another tree.

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.
Eudora Welty

I began these ‘Snapshots’ posts over the summer, when my days were too busy having fun with my kids to spend time writing about the fun we were having. They are a way for me to record the moments, but not feel obliged to write War and Peace. Capture the days as they happen. No SEO, no pinnable images, no stress. So, I’m going to continue to write them, and keep those moments from running away.


Country Kids


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25 thoughts on “Snapshots from the trees”

  1. He looks like he’s having the time of his life whilst he’s up in the tree, I bet it’s lovely to see him having such fun in the trees. Mine are forever climbing, the rock beach defenses are a favourite, they’ve started doing backflips off of them into the sand too, truly terrifying. I’m sure before long he’ll be asking to visit the local climbing wall to get his climbing fix in the winter.

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      Yeah, we’ve been checking out local climbing walls, my husband likes to climb too, so I suspect that they will soon become regulars!

  2. I was always up a tree when I was little. My kids are the same now and sometimes they give me a heart attack! You just have to give them the tools to do it safely and let them enjoy this wonderful childhood rite of passage. Your son looks like he is having the most fantastic time! #counrtykids

  3. My eldest used to scare the life out of me by climbing as high as he could in any tree he could find!
    My heart used to be in my mouth at times but I knew the exploring would be good for him. #countrykids

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      Yes, seeing him up really high scares me, but I know it’s good for him! Having said that, I do prefer it when he chooses the smaller trees :)

  4. Lovely shots. N isn’t really a climber, although he was pleased at climbing the one good climbing tree on the farm. Unfortunately it was in the way of a new barn going up, so it’s been chopped down #countrykids

  5. My 6 year old is also a climber, of trees preferably but he’ll try anything. He has always been like this, and he amazes me every time with his skills and strength. Like your son, he’s getting better at risk assessment, and it’s great to see how he challenges himself more and more by getting a little higher every time. Perfect childhood activity!

  6. Climbing trees is so much fun and it is lovely that your son enjoys being out in the garden, finding bugs and climbing trees. It does look like he’s climbed quite high in the first shot – I think my nerves would struggle with that too! Not always easy trying to find the balance between giving our kids the freedom to explore and wanting to keep them safe. #countrykids

    1. Sara | mumturnedmom

      He was VERY high in the first shots… I’ve managed to persuade him to stick to the smaller trees when I’m with him and save the scary stuff for when he’s out with his dad :)

  7. Ahh good ideas for a post! My son is a 2 year old climber and has mastered the wall at the pArk beyond all his peers! It’s
    Scary to watch but the plan is to teach him the best moves. He’s got a great grip! Risk assessment away all the way. Definitely what little boys should be doing!! #countrykids

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