How to make an easy Skull Eyeball Pitch Halloween game

Looking for an easy last-minute Halloween party game that kids will love? Follow these simple instructions to make this Skull Eyeball Pitch Halloween Game.

How to make a Skull Eyeball Pitch game for your Halloween Party: follow these instructions for an easy last-minute Halloween Party game
Last year I volunteered as a room parent in my eldest’s classroom. This wasn’t something I had done before, and Halloween was the first event that I needed to help out with. I was tasked with providing a game…

Cue panic!

Of course, I turned to Pinterest and was bombarded with ideas. But, what on earth would actually entertain a group of ten year olds?!

Armed with some possibilities, and a non-existent budget, I ventured out to my local Dollar Tree. Wandering the aisles, I found these skulls and an idea took shape. A variation on the Witch Pitch games that I had seen all over Pinterest.

To make this game you will need:
A back-board [I used a standard black foam presentation board]
Six skulls
A bag of ping pong balls
Red, purple and black sharpies
A craft knife
Glue gun
Printed numbers for the ‘points’ per skull

As a side note, I originally picked up a bag of eyeballs from Dollar Tree, thinking it would save me a job BUT it turns out that these don’t bounce well, at all. Grab a bag of proper ping pong balls!

1. First up you will need to cut the tops off the skulls. Using a bowl, draw a line around the top of each skull and then, carefully, cut along the line.

Skull Eyeball Pitch 1
Skull Eyeball Pitch 2
Skull Eyeball Pitch 3
Skull Eyeball Pitch 4
2. Lay your six skulls out on the black back-board. I positioned them so that if a ping pong ball hit a skull and missed, it would have a chance of dropping into a lower skull (I didn’t want the game to be too hard, and for the kids to hate it, and me!).
3. Using a glue gun, glue each skull in place. You want them to be secured well, so a glue gun is your best bet.
4. Either write, or print out, a number five, two threes, two twos and a one and stick to the front of each skull as shown.

Skull Eyeball Pitch 5
5. Draw an eyeball onto each of your ping pong balls. I used ten balls in total, enough for each kid to get a decent chance of scoring, but not so many that it took too long to play a turn.

Skull Eyeball Pitch 6
And, you’re good to go!

Play the game as follows:
Lean your board up against a wall. I used a cardboard wedge to keep it from slipping. Mark a line a few feet back from the board. Throw the ping pong balls and try to get them into the skulls. It works best if you bounce the ping pong ball on the floor in front of the board so that the balls bounce up into the skulls.

On the day of the party, I won’t lie. I was nervous. What if the kids hated the game? What if it was too hard or too easy for the age-group?

But I needn’t have worried. They loved it. It was great fun, it was tricky, but most of them got the hang of it and were able to score points each turn. Some of them were AWESOME at it, hitting 5’s and 3’s every time! Most importantly, they all had a great time.

It was a huge success, took me less than an hour to make, and is ready to use again this year.

So, if you need a last minute game, this is for you!

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