Another visit from the Tooth Fairy!

The Tooth Fairy has visited our house again this week!

Yesterday, the 7yo lost his third baby tooth – and when I say lost, what I really mean is ‘pushed, pulled, twisted’…!


Losing baby teeth is such a milestone.

A sign that my little boy isn’t really a little boy anymore.

He’s seven.

He loves books, computer games and finding new apps.

He can get himself up in the morning, get dressed, do his teeth – on a good day – with little fuss.

I can trust him to do homework by himself (most of the time!). I can tell him to stop reading and switch the light out at 8pm, and he will.

I can have a sensible conversation with him.

We can share books and films.

He comes up to my shoulder. I cannot lift him up anymore!

He can eat as much as me…

He is thoughtful, sensible and logical.

He hates writing stories – prefers a black and white statement of facts…

He loves to draw and paint.

He has my clumsy gene. He has his dad’s pedantic gene.

He is a whizz at maths – when it involves money (and then he can suddenly do complex addition and subtraction…).

He loves his brother and sister.

He is my beautiful, funny, chatty, grumpy, annoying, clever, bright, considerate, wonderful boy.

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12 thoughts on “Another visit from the Tooth Fairy!

  1. Kim Carberry

    My youngest who’s 5 is growing up too fast!! She’s already lost 3 of her baby teeth and a 4th is already loose!! lol
    Aww you’re boy sounds such a lovely lad x

  2. Dawn Frazier

    My son is 8 and has now lost 4 baby teeth. They look so sweet with gaps where teeth used to be but it is sad to think that they are growing up too fast. My twins have seen him lose teeth and they can’t wait to start losing theirs. They are 5. I’m in no hurry though. It’s going to cost the tooth fairy (me) a fortune!

  3. The Crazy Mummy

    Ha, just looking over my Blogloving reader to find a tooth loss gorgeous little man staring at me! Makes me smile…..Think i’ll cry when Alfie gets to that age and loose his teeth, i have a few years yet…Bless…..Tooth Fairy is on the move ha!

  4. over40andamumtoone

    Oh wow – love the gaps! This post made me feel a little sad, I really need to appreciate my little man now, he’ll be so grown up so soon, but also it’s wonderful that one day he’ll be able to do all those things too – does that make sense?

  5. Jane

    When your little a visit from the tooth fairy is exciting but now being a parent it feels sad, another milestone to show they are growing up :0( I love all the pictures to show his missing teeth.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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